Buy It, Wear It, Then Return It. !!!!

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  1. I have a spineless friend, who gets a sadistic kick out of purchasing a high end item, then wearing it or using it, without removing the tag then returning it the next day or so. :sad2:
  2. I'm sorry, but I think that's so tacky. I've returned things when I got them home and tried them on and decided they didn't work for me, but I've never returned anything I've worn or used unless it was defective!
  3. Agreed, Psueb--these are the archenemies of retail salespeople (they try to bring used stuff back, and flip out when you tell them no, unless the merchandise is defective)
  4. Macys takes EVERYTHING back. Even previously worn undies. I worked there through high school, I know and it's scary.
  5. OMG - could I tell you stories.

    I was followed home and my car vandalized, had threats made against me, and all because I was the store manager for a Contempo Casuals store and would NOT take back clothes that smelled like smoke and booty. :P :evil:

    OMG - the girls would try and tape the tags so that they would not be seen; but, sweat does not lie, and those tags would be rank and those clothes worse. I would literally throw them out of my store.

    I am sorry, but, my stores were not the borrow and bring back stores. Due to my tribulations in retail - I have a strict personal prohibition on buying and returning; no joke, something has to be wrong with the garment for me to return it.

  6. Oh my god that's dissgusting. It's like when you eat out at fast food places if you only knew what really went on. :Push:
  7. geez, your friend is a bit odd! :sad2:
  8. Ewww... I just think that's way too tacky and low class. If you can't afford it, then don't buy it. It's one thing to buy and return because you don't like it, but it's another thing if you actually WEAR it and then return it. People these days... ::shaking head::
  9. I can totally relate to Loganz....I've worked in retail before (Anthropologie), and there were times when people tried to return things that were clearly worn. The worst return I ever processed was one that literally had body makeup caked inside the clothes. Anthro had (and I assume still has) a very liberal return policy, so that item was allowed to be returned, but we had to "damage" it. It's really grosss.
  10. i work part time in retail as well and sometimes customers come in and want us to exchange or fix clothes they bought years ago.
    it takes all my self control not to ask them if they're f-ing kidding me.
  11. You must have a sensational wardrobe - I love Anthropologie; could never work there I would spend all my checks on clothes.

    the only way I worked retail was in management; my girls loved me because I am not really a good-company gal; I hate policies that screw the company - and cannot stand to let people walk all over me and the company I work for - I had the lowest loss prevention rates at all the stores I managed - I don't stand for you know what - and wearing and returning is the lowest form of hoochie-mama action there is.

    UGh - listen to me, I sound angry - :shame:
  12. I also think it's tacky, and I've worked in a clothing retail store before (Wet Seal). We'd have people trying to return worn clothes all the time. I'd never buy something, wear it and return it. It's not only wrong, I think it's unsanitary, even if it has been washed.

    That's awful about Macy's and the returning of underwear! :sick: Why the hell would anyone do that, anyway? It's just underwear, no one sees it but you... and your significant other :shame:
  13. LOL - You know that Wet Seal is the same company as Contempo right? The last store I managed was a Wet Seal store here in Colorado Springs, CO. :biggrin:
  14. Ha ha... I worked at BOTH Wet Seal and Contempo during college!! lol
  15. Yep, there used to be a Contempo in one of the malls down in South Florida, but it closed a long time ago. A few of the Wet Seal stores here closed not too long ago, too. There is also a 5-7-9 store here, which I thought didn't exist anymore! I used to love shopping there when I started wearing Juniors sizes.