Buy it or not

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  1. What do you guys think? Yes or nay???
  2. Beautiful bag, but it is light color and wearing with jeans could be potential problem as color transfer.
  3. Thank you !!! With that consider would you still purchase it?
  4. Yes, but not for full price. And for sure, I would use some sort of leather protector before I wear.
  5. I agree with Marina, it's a beautiful bag but you have to be careful because of the light color.
  6. Thank you ladies. I think the bag is very nice too but get dirty so easily. I guess we can only look at white bags never can own one:smile:
  7. The only white bag I have is a LV azur galleria and even with the coated canvas I still have color transfer. I tend to be leery of light color handbags, I don't abuse my bags but I do use them and don't baby them. My other concern is how the bag may change shape when full of stuff and carried by the handle. Think of the PS1 which has a handle on top and the front clasp to open too the main compartment. When it's full and carried by the handle the flap kind of puckers in a way that some do not find attractive.

    Here's a example of what I'm talking about the front flap pucker on a PS1(which I like but I know a lot of people don't). It kind of creates a gaping effect on the front and the PS1 flap is longer than the flap on this Valentino. Just something to consider, the stock pics aren't going to show how it looks IRL when full of stuff. Most likely the stock pics are done with tissue paper in it to fill the bag up.