buy it now or later?

  1. i called my LV store to ask to have my name put on the waiting list for the damier azur speedy 25 and 30. i mean, i knew there probably wasn't going to be that long of a waiting list because it's been out for several months already but i was hoping that there would be at least a few weeks wait so i could save up for it.

    turns out BOTH speedys are in stock...the practical side of me says to wait a month or two until i'll have justified my spending (i JUST bought a chanel purse) but then the crazy addicted LV side of me says to get it now before they run out again.

    so which should i doo?? i'm so torn...the SA said i should probably come in today or tomorrow at the LATEST if i wanted it...i'm so torn!!!
  2. :happydance: That's great that they have them in! If you have the money then go get them before someone else does! :choochoo: :rochard:
  3. I agree with Lisa, if you have the money then definately go in and get them before it's gone.
  4. I'd buy it now.
  5. If you have the money definately go for it now
  6. I was having this dilema last night. Buy now or wait a couple weeks. I decided to buy now, and I'm excited to get my new Azur 30, but I totally could've waited. Especially since I knew there was something else that I might buy today. Obviously I have no self-control, so I'm one to talk.... but if you can use restraint, spend a little more time with your chanel before you buy another bag.
  7. damier azur speedy 30 or mini lin dune speedy 30?
  8. I'm in love w/ the azur speedy 30 , wish I could get it but need to get a bv more.
  9. oh and I would get it now so you don't have to wait, but if it were me I would reign in your spending for a while to appreciate your new bags.
  10. I'd wait it out. Otherwise, you will (well, at least I would) beat yourself up and feel guilty that you couldn't afford it now. Debt is not fun, but buying handbags when you can really afford it makes the shopping experience much better. That way there is no guilt lingering in the back of your mind. JMO Plus, my F-I-L is our accountant, so I always here budgeting lectures. :yucky:
  11. ^^^ ita!!!
  12. isn't the azur a permanent line? I think it's ok to wait on it.
  13. Get it now before they're all gone again!
  14. My SA told me that the waitlist has started to clear up. So whenever I'm ready for one, I can let her know. It's a permanent line so I wouldn't stress out too much about it. If you have the flow, buy it. If you think you can wait, it will be there waiting for you.
  15. AZUR! :nuts: