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  1. I've had a few auctions that started at 99 cents, with a buy it now of around $200. After the first bid, the buy it now went away, which was really annoying since I had some people interested. I found out that currently ebay policy states that the buy it now goes away as soon as you receive the first bid.
    Here's what we found for "Why did the Buy It Now option disappear?"

    Buy It Now lets you buy an item immediately – but you have to use this option before the auction starts.

    If a member bids for your item, we'll remove the Buy It Now option and the auction will continue as normal.

    So on my auctions the buy it nows have disappeared, but I see that on other people's auctions this isn't happening, like this one:

    It doesn't have anything to do with percentage like it did in the past, because the bids on my auction are only up to 11% of my original BIN price.
  2. re you saying that you listed a bag and the BIN disappeared after the first bid? I spend a lot more times on the Ebay forums than on here, and as far as I know, clothing and assecories should remain with BIN until they reach 50%. All others go away after the first bid.

    Maybe Ebay is changing it so all categories now delete BINs after the first bid? :nogood:
  3. It wasn't a bag. It was a watch in the jewelry category. When I found that wording on the ebay help page, it doesn't say it is limited by category. So you are saying that only clothing and accessories has the BIN remain until it reaches 50%? I don't understand why it should be different for different categories.

    It really removes the incentive to start an auction at 99 cents if you want to entice someone to use the buy it now.
  4. When ebay first started, that's how it was; the BIN disappeared with the first bid.

    Several years ago, that changed and the BIN remained until bidding reached 50% of the BIN price.

    It sounds as though ebay has reverted back to the original.

    It depends on the category:

    It looks like jewelry isn't one of the categories where the BIN remains until the 50% mark is reached.

    Special situations

    In a listing with a reserve price, Buy It Now disappears as soon as the reserve price has been met.
    In some categories, the Buy It Now option is available until bids reach or exceed 50% of the Buy It Now price:

    • Cell Phones & Accessories
    • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
    • Motors Parts & Accessories
    • Tickets