Buy it Now Not Working Today

  1. Last night after I went bed to someone tried to do a buy it now with an item I have listed-apparantly the auction never ended(they even paid right away) and paypal is showing their payment reversed. Since the auction wasnt ended someone else tried to buy it and the same thing happened. After seeing what happened this morning I called paypal and they claim there is a problem with buy it now and to relist all my auctions without buy it now. They dont know when the problem will be resolve:shrugs:d.
  2. OMG this is weird. Would they refund the insertion fees?
  3. ^Thats awful! I hope they do the best they can to help you resolve the issue. *shaking my head* you would think with all the $$$ that eBay and Paypal make, they could ensure they have a smooth running site, especially when it affects their sellers business.
  4. Today is the first day of the "worldwide strike". I wonder if that had anything to do with it.
  5. ^Oh really! Now that is interesting. Hmmm
  6. I was wondering the same thing!!!!
  7. All the more reason not to be listing anything this week... it's also the first day of eBay's new fee structure and Paypal's new hold policy. More than likely eBay doesn't have all of its ducks in a row yet!
  8. I just bought something buy it seemed to be fine. Weird!
  9. I totally forgot about the strike when listing my auctions. They all in today. =\
  10. I think the buy it now works but not with immediate payment required.