Buy It Now...but pay later?

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  1. I have a listing up and a buyer just sent me a message saying how much she loves the bag but won't be able to pay for it for another week or so, and asked if she could buy it now, and pay later.

    she has a pretty good track record, as both a seller and a buyer, with only 1 neg out of 278, and that was in regard to her being a seller. All her buyer responses said she paid quickly.

    but idk, for some reason with all the scams and things going on i just don't know.

    what do you guys think?
  2. Tell her you are leaving it up for BIN and if it's still there when she gets her money together she can BIN. These days, I would never take an item down unless the buyer is paying immediately.
  3. how about you say to her to go ahead and BIN and ask her for a small deposit ?
  4. Maybe you could ask that she pay 1/2 up front and then the other half next week?
  5. I wouldn't do it because she hasn't given you a specific date that she will pay. What does "a week OR SO" mean? It's the "or so" part that bugs me.
  6. I would do it, but she would have to pay a part in advance...
  7. yes, i must say the "or so" bit is a concern, this is why i would suggest a partial payment first.
  8. that's for all you advice!

    i just told her that if the bag did not sell (the auction closes in a week), i would relist it as a buy it now, and i would let her know. after all, if the auction closes in a week, she should have the money by the time it gets relisted, right? :P
  9. As a seller I usually agree to buyers who would buy the item and pay within the next 7 days. I think they just don't want to miss the deal or scared that someone else might steal the deal. Of course, I don't ship the item until I receive the payment. So far, that has worked for me.
  10. PP won't cover you if you split up payments. I would say leave the auction going and if someone else does BIN, fine. Then if not perhaps by then she will have her $$ together. I always go into seller's preferences and check the immediate payment for BIN. That cuts out the dead wood, so to speak.
  11. Good call. In my experience most buyers I've tried to make special arrangements with (such as this) don't follow through. The worst that can happen now is that you sell it between now and then :smile:
  12. Totally agree with this, if you want to give her a chance then I think seven days is more than fair and not too unusual for ebay plus it's up to you when you ship.
    However, if I don't have the money in an ordinary shop, I have to wait and chance it. Sometimes it's just not someone's time to shop, sad as that may be for them. You have to make your best possible sale, you can only be so accommodating.
  13. Don't do it.
  14. well if it's an auction, technically if she bids and wins, she will have 7 days in which to pay ( ebay rules). If it's a BIN with immediate payment required, then you'd never to give permission and/or remove the 'immediate payment required' from the terms.
  15. oh and i've sold a few things and did get requests from the buyers as to whether they could pay in a week and i've said yes, and they've all paid within the week and left great feedback. so if she does win, and you're not desperate for the money, maybe agree. she may be selling something and wants her auction to end so she has the funds for yours.