Buy it new or used?

  1. Give me your opinion....I'm about to have a big b-day come up in the next 6months, and am thinking about buying a speedy 25/30 don't know which yet, do you advise buying used or new....I worry about used, but if I can get a good deal, I would...

    If used, who would you suggest I buy from. I don't have a membership to tpf market place, so I can't get it there. Thanks
  2. I would buy one new.
  3. mm....let-trade is a good reseller. personally i think if you have 6 months to start saving up for the bag i'd get it new. i think the feeling is different to see get the bag still new with the white vachetta. yummy!!!~
  4. i prefer buying new. and if it's for your birthday, why not splurge? :graucho:
  5. You said it's a big birthday so go for a new one a special bag for your special day
  6. I'd purchase new.
    There's an indescribable feeling when you open that box!
  7. Im contemplating the Speedy 30 or 25.

    I'm very petite, 5'3', about 123 lbs.

    I've always liked the Monogram, but the Damier canvas is also growing on me. My sytle is very classic and conservative. I do not do alot of trendy stuff, unless it has some classic overtones to it, ie the recent remergence of the patent leather....

    Also, I do carry big hand bags. Currently, I'm carrying a Cole Haan Bronze hobo style bag.

    Thanks for your advice.
  8. depends on the price.
  9. Unless you're looking for a limited edition, buy a new one - get the store experience, make them wrap it up for you with a ribbon :balloon:
  10. I have a Speedy 25 I bought gently used. Not all of us are wealthy here, which I think some members forget when they look down on buying consignment pieces. If you can afford it, of course buy new. But there is also a thrill in getting a great bargain on a bag in good condition.

    If you carry a ton of stuff, the 30 might be good for you. I got my 25 as a going-out and weekend bag, which it is perfect for because it actually is big enough to hold a change of shoes and a sweater!!
  11. I say buy it new for your big birthday :yahoo:
  12. I'm very petite as well and I carry a speedy 30. I love it! I'd buy a new one.
  13. Well since you have 6months to save up...I would get a New one but If you want to save some money then buy used and get an accessorie with the cash left over, there are some amazing deals on eBay :smile:
  14. I agree with most of the posts here, since it's a big b-day, if you can afford it buy a new one!
  15. A new one! especially since it's for your bday! I say go for the 30 if you like big bags. I think the price difference is $25