Buy it cause it's rare even if you don't love it?

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  1. OK so here is a question for all of you. I have come across a really unusual bag for sale and even though it's a tricolor and therefore pretty rare, I don't really care for the colors. Well, I like one of the colors, the other two are not my favorites. It's actually kind of loud for me (though I can see how it would totally rock on someone else).

    That being said, it's offered at a good price, and I'm not likely to see another one ever...but of course I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. LOL!

    So I guess the question you buy something that's rare even if you don't love it, just because it's so unusual and a collectors piece? It's priced quite reasonably for a special order tricolor bag, in my opinion, and the condition is very very good.
  2. yikes. that is tough. I want to say leave it for someone who loves it to find. I also want to say buy it and resell and make a little money for refurbishing your barn so I can send DD and her horses to come live with you....

    but I digress.....
    I think you should not buy Hermes you dont love.
  3. if you dont like it, you will never carry it and it will just sit in the closet. I dont think its worth anything if you wont use it
  4. Hello,

    I see that the bag (Troika Kelly) i was asking about last night is no longer on eBay :smile:))

    Did you buy it CynthiaNYC?

  5. Nope, Dia, I didn't.
    The one I am talking about is a tricolor in Clemence (and it's not on eBay).

    Hey, that sounds like fun, actually! Free kid AND free horses. Heh.
  6. no --love it or dont buy it
  7. Well, that is putting an optimistic spin on it, LOL!
  8. That's me! ;)
  9. I think this sort of answers the Q - unless you're curating an exhibit or planning to sell it for a profit.:smile:
  10. cyn this is interesting b/c i asked myself the same question a couple days ago, i saw a beautiful tricolor ostrich kelly and couldn't become enthused about the colors though, they do not flatter me but they would somebody else, so i passed. not fair to the bag IMO to not be in love with it.
  11. Cyn - I say no. There is a piece I saw recently (not a bag) that belongs to a "collection" I have going...but I don't love it, and would just be spending the $$ to add it to the I left it. I hate the seller, anyway, so it made it a little easier, but I still say no...
  12. well cyn if you were gonna sell it anyway then that would make sense since rare things fetch a good price in most cases.
  13. If you just want to have the piece as part of a collection to be viewed and admired then I would purchase it.:yes:

    This is so the enabling answer I would want!! lol
  14. LOL! I love the enablers just as much as I love the voices of reason!

    To tell the truth, I have given it some more thought and I just can't see it being a part of my collection in any capacity. I think the color combination is just too specific and too unique. It's a tricolor Kelly in orange, yellow and bright green (I don't even know the color name for the green it's so bright! LOL). After I got over my initial excitement at finding anything at all in the particular sleepy little town I was in, I realized that the bag just wasn't me at all, even though I know it's probably one of a kind. I think I am going to leave it where it is so that someone who likes super bright colors finds it and loves it--at least I hope that's what happens. I'm torn as to whether it will get the audience it (um, well it as an Hermes bag anyway) deserves, but I hope so.
    Thank you all, though, for being a great sounding board for me! Sometimes I just need to step outside myself and ask a second opinion, and I really appreciate it.
  15. Oh and BTW in case anyone is like OMG I must have an ultrabright Kelly! Let me know and I will PM you the name of the store. You'd have to work out the details with the owner directly but she's lovely.