Buy in haste repent on the sofa!

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  1. Title says it all, large Mabel arrived today and she just doesn't do it for me :tdown: despite having seen and tried the large mabel on in store...when she's in my kitchen she's just too big.

    The buckle closure as opposed to magnetic is fiddly and a pain (IMHO)and she won't fit over my shoulder which is a must for a bigger bag, so:rolleyes: and indeed :Push: she's going back to York.

    On the plus side I'l have £375 of store credit / vouchers ready for when aqua comes into stock :P (that's me thinking positively).

    Strike me off the Mabel list at least for now :crybaby:
  2. Things always look different at home don't they!
    Well done for a quick decision, hopefully you'll find the aqua soon
  3. Oh what a shame. I'm surprised the straps won't go over your shoulder. I have the chunkiest arms ever & can fit medium Mabel over my arm.
    I can imagine the buckle would be irritating, why oh why didn't they use the magnetic closure?
    It's so disappointing when a bag isn't how you hoped it would be. Fingers crossed that aqua or midnight one turns up for you.
  4. Decison made- another bag will be along.........
  5. I'm so sorry. But at least you know you will have voucher in exchange!
    How was the colour & leather themselves?? It was Metallic black or something similar, wasn't it??
  6. So long as you are sure. I am surprised about the straps but agree about the buckle.
  7. Ratrat -The colour and leather are really lovely but probably better suited to the mini for nights out....In large she looks a bit "who pimped my Mulberry?"

    sj- I can fit medium mabel over my arm, I think it's because large is broader then medium? I can get roxy over my shoulder with my coat on....mind I do have arms like sides of ham!

    thanks jo and shopahlic, I'll have everything crossed for an aqua from now on.
  8. I am totally sure Jenova, for £375 she needs to make my heart pound and she just doesn't...ah well I'll be harassing the outlets every week until I get my aqua
  9. "In large she looks a bit "who pimped my Mulberry?"

  10. ^^^^:roflmfao: Pheebs you're hilarious. Sorry large mabel didn't work out, hopefully aqua will be along soon,
  11. Sorry for that! Now you have to call all the outlets every few days! I am sure you will get your Aqua!
  12. Sorry about metallic Mabel, pheebs, but better to get it out of your system. And, as you say, you'll get an aqua Mabel soon enough :tup:
  13. Oh sorry it wasn't LOVE Pheebs. Still think of the vouchers!
  14. LOL!!
    Sorry for the disappointment pheebs, but glad to see you looking on the bright side about the aqua. I'm sure that it will all work out :tup:
  15. I totally believe in bag karma, so the aqua will be mine one day! In the meantime I have to send Mabel back and then await vouchers, do they send them physically and if so how can I spend them? Can I use them on the website or only at an outlet, questions questions!

    Thanks all for being supportive :flowers: