Buy In EUROPE but Not in the USA

  1. I'm thinking my next big purse purchase will take place in Europe (specifically France) when I vaca there this year. :yes: I'm totally unaware of the purse market in Europe as compared to the US.

    Are there any designer bags that I can't get in the US that I can overseas?

    I was thinking of LV or Dior but open to any help or suggestions!
  2. you can't get Coach in Europe, maybe with exception of London. Louis Vuitton is much cheaper here. Furla is also much cheaper in europe, especially in spain. Tous and Loewe are famous spanisch brands. I think Longchamp is cheaper also. I guess it depends on your style wich brands you like
  3. ^^ thanks for the info! I'm not really into Coach at all. But is LV really cheaper? and if so by how much?
  4. I disagree with Sabine. I think you will find LV (and most brands) to be more expensive as a result of the weak dollar.
  5. Even with the weak dollar, LV is a bit less expensive, especially in France. It's only about 50-70ish off (at least for Speedy's), but at least that's something.
  6. You can check for the french prices. Ofcourse you have to buy euro's and that costs you money but there is also something with tax refund for American people. A speedy costs 420 euro and according to it's 543 dollar so you save a pennny.
  7. In France specifically, I don't know but imagine Longchamp and Chanel must be worth a look, in Europe generally I'd suggest Loewe, Furla, Anya Hindmarch, Burberry and Mulberry.
  8. Prices are cheaper in France but there is less selection IMO. I was in Paris and some of the boutiques had less then I'm used to seeing.
  9. Prada is definitely cheaper in Europe than the US even with the exchange rate. Italy is the least expensive but France & the UK are quite a bit less. I live in London but also work in NY every 6 weeks. Prada is so expensive in NY.
    Whatever you buy you'll save a lot for the tax rebate - not sure what the tax is in France but it's 17.5% in the UK.
  10. Thanks for the info ladies! I'll be sure to post my purchases when I get back. :yahoo:
  11. vuitton chanel gucci is much cheaper if you get the tax back