Buy fitness equipment for home workout or go to gym?

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  1. Which is better? Can you accomplish just as much or more with a home gym than if you have a gym membership? It seems to have pros and cons...
  2. i personally prefer working out at home because i'm a germaphobe.
  3. I rather go to the gym, mainly because I know for a fact I won't do anything if I'm at home. Going to the gym (and paying for it), pushes me to actually make use of it. And you can get people to point out what you need/needn't do, and how.
  4. I think it's personal preference. I've done both. I went to a gym religiously for nine years. Now we have a nice finished basement with a treadmill and an elliptical machine, plus a plasma TV. I'm much happier at home.
  5. Eh, both. :yes: I could never choose so may not be the best to give advice, but...

    I say buy some cheap stuff for home, for those days when you're just not able to squeeze gym time into your schedule, or just not wanting to deal with the crowds. You can get some stuff at garage sales or in your local paper/Craigslist/eBay if you're on a budget, like a stairstepper, nordic track, treadmill, weights, etc. for really cheap [if not free].

    But if you're like me, you need variety and since I really enjoy the gym, I try to belong to one and go 3-4 times a week. The other 2 times, I just squeeze in a quick 15-30 minutes at home during a dead spot in the day. It's worked better than the either/or times.

    My two cents...:jammin:
  6. I belong to a gym because I live in a tiny apt..don't have the space for any cardio eqpmt..but if it is up to me, I would love both ! To have your own cardio eqpt and gym membership because I too get bored easily and I like to mix it up with swimming or yoga or hiking..
  7. I prefer at home. I can control the temperature and amuse myself easier. If i want to read and listen to music, I have that. If i feel like watching a movie or tv, I can do that instead. I also won't pick up everyone else's germs :throwup:, deal with their screaming children, or wait for equipment. I also have a lot of nights that when I finally get home, I am IN for the night. I don't want to have to back out and go to the gym and gyms around here are waaaay crowded right after work.
  8. It depends; if you get a gym membership, will you make yourself go? If you get equipment for your home, will you use it? for me, sadly, the answer to both questions is 'no' :p I got a gym membership once, paid for a full year, went once... (I did use to go more often before I had a membership, though, I just paid every time I visited) I've had various home equipment over the years, but never really used any of it... I just got an elliptical, though, and I do try to use it, but the thing is, it wears me out in less than 10 minutes :p
  9. i prefer go to the gym, you can get motivation from other people, everyone is running and sweating.
  10. I do both. I used to have 2 gym memberships - one walkable from work & one right by my house. I now only have the gym membership by work & I go on my lunch hour as much as I can.

    At home I have a good treadmill, heavy bag, home gym kind of like total gym & free weights. Pretty much everyone in my family is using the home gym stuff. It was more than worth it.

    I've spent so much $$ on bags & clothes etc I figured maybe I should invest that much $$ and then some in my health. Invest in yourself you're worth it!
  11. Well, I am kind of biased because I get to use the gym on base here for free. I really like it because it is nice and always has the elliptical and stair steppers that I want to use available. That being said, I bought a gazelle for my house which is convinient for when I want to work out in the wee hours of morning or I don't feel like going on base. I also have a hula hoop which I fricking loooove! I've been doing the shapely secrets too and it seems to really be helping. I mean for only 7 minutes a day how can you not just do it lol
  12. I have a home gym - but recently just joined a local gym.... just to see if it would make a difference. And it did for me!!! I also go with another person. So when I don't want to go and she does - I still have to get off the couch and join her!!... and vice versa.
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    Hmm so far the home gym is winning out. The reasons for working out at your own home are very enticing.
    What about you get what you pay for? Does that still hold true for items you find on the web? It seems fitness equipment online would be relatively cheaper since they don't have all the costs of a brick and mortar retail store. I am forever the bargain hunter!
    My brother purchased something from and had a really great experience with them so I was thinking about venturing out and making a purchase. ONly problem is, this is not like a handbag. It is a big piece of bulky machinery that doesn't strike me as something I would want to send back at the same time, if I tried out equipment in a showroom or anything like that, it would be a somewhat different experience when I got it home (similar to when I get a new always seems so different when I try it on at home!) so maybe its better to buy online (bayoufitness offers free shipping and no tax..bargain!) since it at least will be fairly hassle free in terms of purchasing it and delivery and and buy and it arrives!
    Sorry to ramble..
  14. i think if your new to working out, id suggest trying a gym first. that way you can learn what you like and what works for you before building a home gym full of equipment that you dont use.
  15. I think it depends what you're buying. For a treadmill I went & tried them. I can not stand the cheapo ones with a narrow track that I would probably fall off of at full run. I ended up getting a good one @ sears for 1/2 off the 999 price tag. It still works after 5-6 yrs with multiple users & pretty frequent use & was worth every penny.

    I also bought something like the total gym online - unlike the total gym it was only like 150.00!! This is one of the best bargains I ever got. At 1st it was good not great - not as smooth movements as I'd like - but then they mailed me these new improved replacemt roller parts for free out of the blue & then it was SO much better! That has also lasted about 5 yrs & is still going strong. I guess online unfortunately it's luck of the draw - unless you can find a deal on something with a ton of great reviews already or something stores also carry so you can check it out 1st.