Buy birkin from Hermes Store Jakarta, Singapore, or Malaysia

  1. Dear all of you guys.... birkin lovers, :yes: .... i'm new here, i live in Jakarta. I havent had a chance to own a birkin yet :cry: but i really really would like to buy one... :heart: :heart: :heart: are there anyone here ever buy birkin directly from hermes store jakarta at galleria grand hyat? could you guys please tellin me how much they usually sell for these bags in IDR (including taxes and everything), specially if it is potiron-togo or rouge chevre palladium hw? did you guys pay cash or credit, and are there long-tired-waitinglist too in Jakarta?

    please guys, please, i need expert advise....
  2. I think everywhere is the same. It requires long-waiting lists. If there's no waiting lists in Jakarta, I believe everyone in the world will be going there immediately to get birkins. Why not you come to Japan or maybe Paris? In Japan here, you can find many resellers stores that sell birkins & kellys. For Paris, there's one lady here that get her gold shoulder birkin at George V store. Maybe it'll be your luck to find your dream birkin displayed at any of Paris Hermes store.
  3. I think in Hawaii, they do not have waiting lists so everything is first-come-first-served basis. Tokyo, New York, and France are the best bet, but Hawaii can be promising too if you scout the store daily while you're on vacation since Hawaii has no waiting lists.
  4. thank you rochas and kou.... maybe if i'm on vacation i'll try my luck, :yes: ... it just, i live in jakarta, and i think it will be much more easier for me to get birkin from here.... if there is long waitlist too here, i think i dont mind waiting ;)....
  5. Which leads me to another question, are the waiting lists open in Jakarta or not? :Push:
  6. There's no waiting lists in Hawaii? That's good news!! Are there a lot of birkins displayed at the Hermes Hawaii store? :rolleyes:
  7. If there are many birkins displayed at Hawaii store,i'll go to pick up one right now:nuts:

    but i don't think they have many in stock
  8. I think with Hawaii it's a matter of luck and timing. Within the U.S., New York and Las Vegas may still be the best bet. Definitely the highest likelihood is in New York. Internationally speaking, France (the main store) and Tokyo are good bets.
  9. How hard is it getting a Birkin in Kuala Lumpur?

    Thanks. :biggrin:
  10. ^ Let's just say it's impossible to walk-in and see a birkin on the shelf.
  11. Out of Singapore, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur stores, Singapore store has the largest shipment of Birkins because they sell the most products in general. Basically, the more you sell the products, the more Birkins allocation you get. I know of this because I've talked to the SA in Hermes stores and they told me so. Kuala Lumpur is the worst, because they don't really have good record in selling other Hermes products other than Birkins. So the waitlist is long, and the Birkins are hard to come by.
  12. This is true for all Hermes stores around the world. Some H stores are bigger than others, only because they have a larger customer base, and therefore sell alot more H merchandise than just bags. A store that has a good sales track record will be given more quota to order more bags at the podiums. But a manager is NOT allowed to order all Kellys and Birkins. She has to order the other H bags as well.

    Do note that even though SG stores may have more Birkins, it does not mean it's easier to get from our shores. Both SG stores have a huge customer base comprising of SG, Msian, Thai, Indonesian & Bruneian customers. No Birkins for walk-ins.
  13. What about a Kelly?

    Oh, I just can't wait to get to KL and do some shopping. I love Malaysia. :love:

    Anyway, thanks everyone.
  14. I'd have to flick through my photos but I remember a Kelly in the display of the H at Grand Hyatt in Jakarta.
  15. If anyone has ever been to Hermes at grand hyatt, please inform me wether there is a waitlist to order a birkin or not.