Buy Beauty Products on Ebay??

  1. Have any of you bought creams/potions/lotions from eBay?? I seen way better prices than retail on eBay but am a tad nervous that I'll be the fool slathering Nivea Cream (no offence to any Nivea lovers) imagining it to be Creme de la Mer...any good/bad experiences to share, anyone?

  2. KNOW the product you want. Know what it smells like, if it's shrinkwrapped (by the manufacturer, not the eBayer!), and understand that what you imagined DOES happen.

    After all that, hey, if it's hygenically sealed, just be sure to ask if it has expired, or know the updated packaging of your product (an old style label tells you how old it is and creams and lotions DO go bad). I use the same eBayer over and over for a French product I can't get here since I know she has the real deal. So yes, it can work. But I did my homework to be sure.... :yes:

    Good luck!

  3. Just make sure you check their feedback on the item you are looking to purchase!
  4. Don't advise it - got scammed on a fragrance that was shrinkwrapped by the ebayer - my own dumb fault!!!
  5. No wouldn't buy beauty products on ebay, although just bought OPI the nail varnish "I'm not really a waitress" to match the LV Pomme colour
  6. I have had good luck but I attribute this to doing everything Angelfish said :smile:
  7. As long as it's NEW and still in box and whatever plastic is still on it, I would buy it.

    Oh I don't mean those crazy sellers that create their own samples of everything either. I mean factory sealed. Generally once you start getting into the factory sealed items, there isn't really too much of a price difference.