buy batignolles now or wait?

  1. last week i asked you wonderful people if i should buy the bh and wallet or the chanel pst. well, i bought the pst.
    :yahoo: just yesterday, my wonderful dh actually refunded the money i spent on my chanel so i now have the funds for my bh. :confused1: should i get it now or wait for another month? i feel bad buying two bags in a span of one week (and the chanel wasn't cheap) but the bh has been on my wish list for soooo long.
  2. I would buy now. Price increase coming soon!! Or so its said.
  3. I would buy now... that way, buying another bag next month won't be on your mind! :p
  4. :graucho: you're evil john...but in a good way. haha.
  5. Now you know everyone on here is going to say BUY IT NOW!
  6. I also heard about the price oncrease! I'd get it NOW!!!:p
  7. I would wait a month.
  8. I would get it now, just incase the rumored price increase pushes thru. Since you already have the funds now or later wouldnt really be an issue exept for trying to beat the increase...

    Your DH is so sweet, can he give my DH a few tips & hints:graucho:
  9. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    get it!
  10. I would get it now in case there is an increase.
  11. Buy Buy Buy it!!!:yahoo:
  12. ok i think the first thing i have to find out from my SA is if the price increase will include the bh as well. hmmm...time to make that trip to my lv after work!
  13. rica, i was actually surprised at my dh. he usually doesn't do things like this.
  14. if you have the money then get it now.
  15. i am with everybody here.. get it now!!!!:yes: