buy balenciaga online?

  1. hi,
    this is my first time in this part of the forum. all of you have beautiful bags in such pretty colors. i'm thinking about buying my first designer bag...balenciaga is in the lead so far! are there are good places to buy balenciaga online or should i really go to a store to look at them?

  2. try or
  3. Bbags aren't typically sold by US stores online, although you'd be able to find them from international sites like DIABRO.NET -^-^- Import Brand Shop -^-^- DIOR HOMME DOLCE GABANNA CHLOE EMILIO PUCCI DSQUARED BVLGARI ED HARDY, FASHION BRANDS: GUCCI, PRADA, ARMANI, FENDI, TODS HERE AT RAFFAELLO NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, and Prada Gucci Tod's Hogan Shoes Handbags and Clothing Made in Italy for a few $00's more than you would Nieman Marcus, Barney's, Balenciaga NY, etc. In Philly, you should be able to find them at:

    Joan Shepp; 215.735.2666

    Check atelier.naff: Where to buy Balenciaga bags when you are in... for more locations... :smile: