Buy Balenciaga in Italy

  1. I'm looking forward to buy my first Balenciaga soon. Since I'm going to a vacation in Italy in April, is it worth of the wait to postpone my purchase in terms of price and/or selection to that time? Thanks;)
  2. Where do you live normally?
  3. if you going to florence, you can go to Luisa Via Roma, they have a lot of balenciagas for sale!
  4. Another place in Firenze where they have a really nice selection of B-Bags id at Gerard, near Piazza della Signoria. I guess that it might be cheaper to buy a B-Bag in Italy if you live in England. Not so sure about the price conversion with US$. Anyway, the Balenciaga factory store is near Firenze, in a huge store agglomerate called The Mall. I think Ceejay has bought some nice bags there, but they do not keep them in sight so you might need to ask for them.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm in NYC. I'll definite check out the stores in Florence. :yes: