Buy bags (question)

  1. Hello people, i'm new here, and i'm a huge fan of bags, as everyone around here i believe.

    My question is about, where we can buy bags from internet.
    Any of you already buy one from this site? the payment is secure? And if you live in Europe, can you buy one too?

    Thank you very much, and sorry for my bad english...
  2. does not seem to exist. :yes:
  3. Do you mean If so, it operates the same as any other country's ebay.
  4. Welcome:flowers: Your english is fine.:yes: I gather you're from Europe ,I'm from Australia. Firstly , Australian Ebay is full of fakes:sad: and if they say they'll ship overseas,you'll be fine and you can always ask. But always read the sellers feedback to see if he/she's trustworthy. I find this thread really helpful and apply to any ebay.-

    Lastly before you commit to buy or bid , it's a good idea to ask at "Authenticate This " about the authenticity of the bag you're interested in. Good luck with your search!:smile:
  5. I agree with Lee, please post any bags you're interested in bidding on in the "Authenticate This" thread. I live in Holland and buy stuff from Ebay Australia all the time.

  6. First of all, thanks for your help. To me it's a bit difficult to understand eveything is written because my english is not so good as that. So i have to read that carefully again. I'm new in these things so everything now seems to me very difficult. But i will "navigate" in ebay site and when i choose my bag i will show you.

    But tell me just one thing: The payment is secure?Do you have any problems when you bought your bag?

    Thank you again
  7. i have bought an LV from, but i always check their feedback first, and ask a lot of questions. if he/she is a nice seller, they always respond fast & in a nice way!

    good luck dear :P