Buy Azur Speedy new from Elux or "used" from eBay?

  1. So I am DYING for a Azur Speedy 30 and have found one on eBay for under $500 (already athenticated it) it ends in a little over an hour. Here's the link:

    It says the inside has some marks but the outside is fine.

    My thing is this is my FIRST Louis Vuitton purchase- I've been buying Coach for the past year.

    And am wondering should I get the WHOLE experiance and pay more for a brand new one from Eluxury? It would come to $632.50 for new and probably way under that for the one on eBay.

    What do ya'll think?

    I kinda want the box and everything. LOL


    Also is this 30 a good size- I'm 5'5 about 160LBS. I really don't carry a whole lot with me.

  2. I'd go w/ the one on eBay. Looks almost brand new, and you'd save a bit of money.
  3. Personally, for my first LV. I would buy BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN USED BAG. I myself is planning on buying my first LV and I would definitely will buy it brand new from the LV store.
  4. I'd put out another $150 or so to buy a brand new one.
  5. Try it out, to see if you will like the size, then you could always upgrade to a new style in the future. You don't sound sure yet.
  6. I'd get the new one. :yes:
  7. Ohhh I don't know what to do! Now I'm looking at the neverfall PM! And that's cheaper too!

    I'm so cheap! Ugh!

    I think I *MIGHT* buy new! I have to wait for my BF to get home so I can discuss it!

    And yes the eBay one does look really new. Except the inside...

    IDK I'll probably buy new and I'm thinking of changing it to the 25 size?

    Would that be too small for me?

    Any modeling pics of the 25 anywhere?

    Thanks all!
  8. Definitely go with brand new for your first bag. It's a must!
  9. brand new if you could afford it.
  10. I'm going to try to win the one on eBay because well IDK I just feel it's a really good deal!

    And if the size isn't exactly right for me I'll probably sell it and opt for the smaller one...

    Ugh! Decisions!
  11. ITA!:yes:
  12. I would buy it new, because it sounds like your not too sure of the size yet. maybe you should go to the store and try both sizes before making a decision.
  13. I would also buy it new just for the experience and knowing that you're the very first person to ever use the bag!
  14. Let-trade has a new azur speedy 25 on his site for $565.00.
  15. I would buy it new. And if you buy it from they don't charge tax if you live outside CA or TN. So there is some savings there.