Buy Another Bbag or Fall Wardrobe?


What Should I D0?

  1. Buy a Beautiful Balenciaga

  2. Hit the Mall and Buy Some Clothes!

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  1. This might be the wrong place to ask (what with all the enablers around here)....but curious...should I take $1200 and buy a Bbag (knowing that I still have enough money for violet twiggy + 2 more bags) or spend it all on clothes & shoes for the fall?

    I could use some Fall clothes...and usually I buy a bit here and there throughout the season...but I have this incredible itch to spend a bunch and just be done! Oh and yes, I have they are not a necessity...but then again...neither is the bag LOL
  2. :upsidedown: bags are always a necessity Twig!

    but- I want new clothes too so I feel ya on that~~~ I'm gonna post my vote in the minority and say buy clothes and shoes~
  3. Clothes usually decrease in value and will be thrown out at some point whereas a Bbag will retain most of it... but if that isn't a concern, buy what you want more!
  4. No, no, no a Bbag is ALWAYS a necessity :p! I say if you're really THAT desperate for a new wardrobe i.e. when you get up in the morning, you stand in front of your wardrobe for more than an hour looking for what to wear.... then I say new wardrobe/clothes... but if not... then new Bbag!
  5. Bbag of course ! :p you'll feel good once you have a new bag in your hands !
  6. Clothes! I need more clothes! How many bbags you got?
  7. Bags! You probably already have enough clothes, Twiggers - admit it! Buy one new sweater for fall, and that's it! Buy the sweater on eBay and save more money for bags!
  8. It would depend if I felt I "Needed" new clothes. Not really being a clothes horse, I rarely buy clothes so I would probably opt for a new BBag - but then again you mentioned shoes!!!!! Hmmmmmm toughie. Seeing as you are already getting a couple of new BBags I would go on a shoe splurge.
  9. Hard one...I would say both :graucho:. Go hit the mall first get what your heart craves and then see what would be the nicest b-bag to compliment the new stuff.
  10. I say clothes and shoes!!! You have lots bags LV and Balenciagas, and you're still getting 3 bags more even buying the clothes and shoes, right?
  11. Hmmmmm......I'd say split it both ways, get a new Bbag and whatever's left, get some clothes. I'm a jeans and tee kind of gal and a new bag always compliments any outfit!:biggrin:
  12. Strangely for me I have voted buy clothes and shoes.

    I think I am at that stage myself and, from observing your little 'habits' on this forum and the others, think you might be too.

    ........unless you already have the gear to set your bag off properly?
  13. If you can do both, that's a win-win situation.
  14. i say go for clothes. because you will prob do it anyway and get both!
  15. I say this totally in jest, but Balenciaga could dress up burlap sacks if it came to that : )

    Get a new bag : )

    I wish you well,

    Bridget <------- enabler :tup: