buy a Truffle Boogie now or wait for the new Truffle styles??!

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  1. Hi Ladies, after being on the forum for a while now, I know I am not the only impatient person waiting for the fall bags to come out (how did I become this obsessed Tano person so quickly???). I posted an earlier thread about the beaujolais color, but I seemed to be focusing in on the Truffle color. According to the latest list from those two wonderful and patient woman at MHB, the bags that are coming in Truffle are:

    Black Is The New, Boogie, Butane Jane, Flashbulb Flurry, Getting Warmer, Name Check, Pleasure Dome, Self Service, Sexbomb, ShowGirl, Up Close and Personal, Street Walker.

    I was warned that this may change, but for now, I need your opinions because I am used to buying my bags in stores where I can see and touch them (and where I am also known as The Return Queen). This online only experience is new to me, and I don't want to have alot of regrets over my buying decisions (we've all been there and it doesn't feel good, does it!).

    So, based on your experience with this whole spring/fall waiting cycle each year, is it better to wait (agony for me) till they are all available, or just get what you want now, then pay the price and just deal with your decision? I love the look of the Self Service bag, but how much longer til it's available? It's hard to pass up that 20% discount at MHB right now! Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Oh wow, I had no idea the Flashbulb Flurry is going to be available in truffle! That would be interesting to see! You should just get what you want. Which bag makes your heart skip a beat the most???
  3. It just depends what style you want I suppose.... if you want something besides a boogie then it's definitely worth the wait and MHB does returns as well so don't worry about that. If you poke around and search on these threads there are dimensions and drop lengths listed for some of those bags you posted about so that may help. I'd get the "up close and personal" if it were me cause it looks like an awesome tote bag but it depends what style purse you need!
  4. I would wait for one of the newer styles. Have you considered
    the Minilisa in Truffle. It is a lovely bag.
  5. Get what you love best! I'm getting a truffle boogie, myself, but that's my favorite style.
    And what's the 20% discount at MHB? Is the LB price match, or have I missed something?
  6. I'm getting a truffle boogie too, just because I love the boogie so much. I've always gravitated towards dark brown so it's perfect.
  7. hi fafnir - when you are checking out, you use the code "grechen" and you get 20% off! At least that works, unlike the stupid Microsoft Live Search!!