Buy a Celine handbag online

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  1. Hi ladies !
    So I want to buy a Luggage but there is no store carrying Celine in my country (or at leat no reliable store).
    Since Celine is not sold online, I would like to know if there is a way I can buy one from a department store overseas? If there is an SA kind enough to send me pictures of what they have in store and I will give them my payment details so they can charge my credit card by phone ??
    Also what are the prices for a luggage Mini/phantom currently ?

    Please let me know because im not planning to travel anytime soon
    thank you
  2. Bunch of Saks SA are on Instagram and they posted their new arrivals and ppl bought their Celine that way (including myself). If you have instagram you can follow them. They can ship internationally. Search for laurenatsaks, luxfashionstylist, inseasonfashion etc. Hope that helps!
    Luggage around 3300-3600, Phantom from 3100-3700USD. Those prices are non-exotic leather.
  3. Wow, super! i will check their IG
    Merci beaucoup :smile:
  4. is also posting on IG and is a great Saks SA.
  5. er.. Paris has no reliable Céline store?:giggles::giggles:
  6. What is Damian Instagram?
  7. saksfifthdamian