Buy 1 bag vs a few (less expensive) bags


Jun 30, 2017
Just celebrated my 40th birthday and wanted to treat myself to a bag(s). have ordered the YSL Loulou (wont get it until Sept), and was thinking of also getting the YSL Kate.

Now i'm thinking, maybe i don't get the 2 and get the Chanel classic flap instead. Either way I wont be buying another bag for a LONG time.

(I already have the speedy b, and a small cross body - i'm a one bag for every need type of person).

What would you do?


Apr 25, 2016
Well, generally I would say 1 bag instead of 2. But I would consider usage too. Would you get more usage out of the 2 YSL? I have a casual lifestyle. If I had a Chanel classic flap it would likely sit and not get used just because I don’t go to any fancy places really. I think I’d also have a psychological thing about it where I didn’t want to just use it all the time, to “keep it nice”. With 2 “lesser” bags, sometimes it’s nice just to “use them” and not be so paranoid.

I would consider the places you usually go, and try to imagine different situations where you might want to use each. If there are a lot of situations you can see yourself using the Chanel, then I would get the chanel instead.

oh, and Happy birthday!!


Mar 26, 2015
Probably 2 bags over one, just b/c one bag can rarely do everything you need it to. The Chanel is a better long-term investment and would be a great way to mark your 40th b-day, but unless you would use it in multiple situations then select the other two imo. You probably use the Speedy more often b/c it's functional and the Chanel, while nice to own, isn't an everyday thing.


Aug 10, 2013
Sydney, Australia
Whenever I am contemplating on a luxury bag purchase, i research about it as much as I can. Google, youtube, insta via hashtags, PF too of course. Then I decide from there if it suits my needs. This is what I did for my classic flap and ysl kate. I actually was serious about a speedy b but after long consideration I realized it wasn't for me. Reviews about a bag really helps me make the ultimate decision whether to go for it or not.

The ysl loulou can be your trendy bag and the kate can be your dressy bag.

I find that I am able to wear my classic flap casually or formally, it only depends on my outfit. The price increase never ends, so if you know that eventually you want to own it, getting it sooner rather than later will save you a lot of money in the end.

The three bags you have in mind are all great.. its probably just really up to what you find most suits your style. But just my 2 cents, if you plan to not buy a new bag for a long time, get the chanel classic flap.

Happy birthday ♡
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Jun 4, 2020
Toronto, Canada
I would get the Chanel flap instead of the two YSL bags. The two are really nice, but I feel like with the Chanel flap, you could dress it up or wear it as an everyday bag, so it's really versatile. I've heard they are doing another price increase in October, so if you know you want to get a Chanel eventually, I would get it now.
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Jul 31, 2009
I like getting one bag a time. I'm not one to switch their bags that often and when I do, I often forget something I need. If I find that I would need to buy two bags to fit my need, for me I would think that either bag is not exactly what I need.
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Jun 21, 2020
Definitely a Chanel. You will need a caviar then, for every day use. There are many YouTube videos introducing Chanel Classic bags if you’re interested at getting more information and ideas.
I think the weight of a jumbo is something to consider as a con for an everyday bag.
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Oct 7, 2017
Looking at the 2 YSL bags, I'd get the Chanel. I think it is more original and classic to the style of the 3 bags you mentioned.
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Feb 26, 2013
Southern CA
Chanel. Their flap bags are wonderful. But get a usable size, like a Medium, unless you like big bags. The Jumbo is large and some people complain that it is heavy. If you check out the Chanel forum, you will see that people dress these bags up and down. They look great with jeans as well as dressed up for a night out.
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30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
happy birthday. I vote Chanel. But, while I love my Chanel’s, I almost never use them. Of course, I’m not really using anything during the pandemic, but I think in the last few years, my mom borrowed one of the Chanel’s once. However, I am trying to keep it bc I cannot count the number of times, I’ve let something go and then had to buy it back at a higher price. Okay, I’ve changed my mind. If you will use the second YSL more, you should get that. Buy what you love.
Apr 4, 2018
New Jersey
What makes your heart flutter? If it's the Chanel, go for it. You can wear it with anything, dressed up or down. Lou Lou is a nice alternative. Sounds like you don't have a shoulder bag - both can be worn on the shoulder and cross body.