Buxton Organizer

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  1. I don't know if anyone remembers that long ago conversation about Buxton organizers on here, but I just walked by the plasma tv in our lobby corridor and the ad was on for Buxton, and it gave me a good laugh.

    Had to share! Miss you ladies.

  2. Oh yeah, I remember that well, think Susie started it.......BTW, your daughter is growing up and beautiful!!

    We miss you too, great to see you around.
  3. Oh yes, I remember! :lol:
  4. what's a buxton organizer? sorry, i have no idea!
  5. It's this kind of fug all in one organizer that they do infomercials for. I think someone was getting grief from their family on how much their Chloe cost, and someone said something along the lines of how not everyone is happy with a Buxton organizer.

  6. thanks!
    ok...after seeing it i can understand why not everyone is happy with a buxton organizer!
    better don't show the site to the bf...he might have the temerity to suggest i should get one!
  7. I remember that, too. Had to laugh again, thanks for reminding us, lanasyogamama! We miss you, too, how have you been doing? Where do you play recently?
  8. Hmmm, where do I play? I have been peeking at a lot of the Bbag pics, but I know in this economy I will not be getting one. I've also been hanging out in the Celeb section, as well as Pregnancy (no) and Parenting (yes!) sections. I was kind of obsessed with Deals and Steals for awhile, but that too can be dangerous (it's such a DEAL!)

    I still carry my Moka Quilted Bay everyday and love her to death. The leather is TDF.

    pukasonqo - My DH would TOTALLY think that a Buxton was a perfectly reasonable bag.
  9. ^^
    i am glad my bf is not the only clueless male around!
  10. Nice seeing you here again, lanasyogamama! I was wondering what you'd be up to... We had so much fun with the thread on the buxton organiser... Susie and Div are just too funny. DIV, WE KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS AS WELL, SO DONT WE SHY AND POST...
    Do come back often, LYM, this is still the best subforum!
  11. It is definitely the best subforum Mariadbc! I think I wasn't too into many of last summer or fall's bags. But wow, some of the new ones are gorgeous!
  12. :yahoo:Ah, the good old Buxton Organiser raises its beautiful head :love: again . Who could forget the fun :sunshine: that this gorgeous :sick: accessory brought to the Chloe forum way back when :roflmfao:.

    Do Susie and Div ever post here these days ? I still lurk here on occasion, but life has been getting in the way and like many others I'm sure, I am TOTALLY, SERIOUSLY & COMPLETELY :banned: until this current financial gloom :sad: eases up a bit. I don't want to succumb to temptation so I ration my visits here accordingly.

    There's no two ways about it though, life is considerably duller without the thrill of a potential purchase or a new bag to discuss. Shallow perhaps, but oh so true :rolleyes:.
  13. Welcome back, Tag... We miss you too.... Susie posts from time to time, Div is (supposedly) avoiding this place altogether until she pays off her CC... I really miss all the old regulars. Man, we used to have so much fun! Not that we dont have fun these days, but it used to be absolutely wild in here!
  14. Hi Tag, great to see you post again - and yes, will have to say, this can be a bad influence on our $$........:roflmfao:
  15. I remember the Buxton:lol: It is nice to see people back. I miss Div and Susie too. Hopefully Div pays off the CC soon so she will be back and we can start with the enabling:lol: