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  1. We all have them.. those old jars or tins or cigar boxes full of Grandma's buttons! I am guilty! :rolleyes: I love buttons a ton and have gobs of them. Anyone here use them for any crafts? I have lots of buttons and would love to make them into something.

  2. You can embellish a plain sweater by making the buttons into some kind of pattern or design. Think "mosaic" not all necessarily the same size or color, but when put together look good.
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    If you make handmade cards, buttons are a great embellishment. You can also make fabulous rings from them with a little elastic and some beads.
  4. If you're into sewing, there are all sorts of folksy quilting patterns out there for wall hangings etc on which you can use buttons. I am personally not that into "folksy" quilts but I did take a class once in which we made a little wall hanging and the best part was finding unique buttons to use! In fact I never finished the quilt but I bought a lot of really cool buttons which I still have. Before I became a designer bag snob I had this little black crocheted purse with originally a wooden button, but when the button came loose I replaced it with a very beautiful pale green ceramic leaf button which I had found in a fabric shop in San Diego.

    Anyway, here is a link to some quilting books:

  5. These are some really fun ideas!
  6. I love the ring idea!

    Lord knows I have a crap load of buttons! I could probably make button rings for all the people in the United States lol.
  7. ^^^Do it. It's fun! Just remember to begin or end your string of elastic and beads with the button you choose. Then you can hide the knot under the button.
  8. Oh, I want to try the button ring too! I'll have to see if I have some elastic!

    Look at these cool examples I found (images from http://sewbettie.bigcartel.com/)


  9. You can also work with wire when you make a button ring. It's not my style exactly, but I watched a really cool video on YouTube on it. It looked pretty fun once it was done!
  10. ^^^It doesn't have to be the thick elastic as shown on the pics. You can get the string thickness elastic in all colors...
  11. I'm going to get a black cheap purse or clutch or jacket or something and, once I get enough buttons (I'm collecting them), I'm going to cover the whole thing with buttons! I think a button-covered clutch would be adorable!
  12. ^^That sounds fun! I've seen a purse recently at a resale shop that had buttons sewn on it. It looked nice.
  13. I forget who posted them but someone used some anchor buttons (or were they pins?) to make a gorgeous pair of earrings!

    I think big buttons are super cute on hats and gloves too... you could put new buttons on a coat too, switch it up a bit and make something old look fresh again!
  14. I've seen wire bracelets made with old buttons. I've also seen a framed cross stitched Christmas tree and the stitcher used a collection of old family buttons to adorn the tree.
  15. That sounds really cute! I only have one clutch from Target of all places, that is black satin (I'm really not a clutch person). I might go through my mom's button stash- she has two big tins and play around.

    I have no buttons b/c I kind of hate to sew- part of the problem is that it does not come natural to me and I struggle. Maybe if I had more patience and started out w/ an easy pattern/project... I have a machine that is perfectly fine, it is operator error.