button shirt

  1. I'm going to buy a few nice ones for this winter.

    I have a problem with fitting them though. I have wide shoulders and hips and a small waist, so if I buy to fit my shoulders comfortably it will be really baggy in the middle. If I get close to fitting my waist as possible, it's really tight on my shoulders.

    I tried to find a wide belt to wear around my waist but, ironically, my waist was too small for all the belts I found.

    Anyone else have this problem? How do you fix it? If you go to a tailor, how much does it cost?
  2. I am in a similar situation. I personally only wear very stretchy button downs. Usually this are silk or silk blend. I usually have to get them tailored too. I think it cost me about $30 last time. Just make sure it has a seam in the front of the shirt so that can take it in there instead of having to create a seam. I was told this was more difficult and more expensive.

    If you want to wear cotton ones you will probably have to get them tailored. I have found the ones at Express fit the best. Banana Republic also makes some with extra room in the chest for certain styles... they are marked "fuller bust" or something like that.
  3. I have the same situation. I am broad-shouldered, but fairly small elsewhere and finding shirts is a problem. I have had some good luck with Ralph Lauren tops since I dress rather conservatively. A tailor or seamstress can do alterations, but I can't remember what it costs. Definitely not too bad, though. No more than $15 - $20.
  4. Oo, thanks. There's an Express at a mall near here...it's an hour away so it's not like I'll be getting there way soon. I never really went in because I figured it was all ladies-cut clothes and I never had any luck with anything but juniors.

    I have an ex that shops at Express [the men's part of it] He always dressed cutely.