Button bags

  1. was LV coming out with handbags with like buttons on them? ?
    sometimes I am out of the loop. what are they called , or were they special order only. they kind of seemed sweet when I saw a pic of one somewhere.
  2. i believe you're talking about the polka dot fleurs? it's on the vuitton.com website.
  3. A friend of mine bought the Morgane bag, its GORGEOUS! She also has the Corsaire which is the Navy Button style where as the other is the plain canvas...
  4. Saw it at the boutique last week. I think it is really pretty. Wasn't able to touch or carry as it was locked under a glass case.
  5. I'm not loving this line. i guess I need to see it IRL to get what all the fuss is about
  6. Yeah..I've seen them all IRL and they're not my favorite. They just seem overdone IMO.
    There are the Polka Dot (full on canvas), Polka Dot Fleurs (canvas with multi colored buttons) and Polka Dot Stripes (the blue ones).
  7. I tried on the Corsaire and it was a great size bag:heart:
  8. I love both the striped ones and the plain. I think that the plain ones with all the buttons is over priced, its just canvas like material like the LVOE bags and then buttons on them lol but $7,000.00 for the Morgane! DAMN!