Buttery leather, bright color?

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  1. I'm hoping you guys can help me find the perfect bag for summer!

    --bright color
    --soft, buttery leather
    --can go over my shoulder
    --not super tiny, but can't be too big since I'm only 5'0" ;)
    --under $800
    --not too mainstream (I like lesser known, but high quality brands)
    --more unstructured than structured (although I'm open to anything)

    I usually go for things that are more feminine, and I love ruched stuff.

    I already have these:
    Botkier Medium Satchel in Cherry
    Linea Pelle Medium Gillian in Olive

    And I've been looking at:

    Feel free to show me things different from these! Thanks!
  2. Check out Cole Haan. Their leather is super soft and buttery. I would suggest their Ruched satchel in a bright spring color!
  3. How about a Hayden Harnett Lorca in Lagoon?

  4. Or the Tharpe in Ruby:

  5. Go to vanessabruno.com and click on the spring summer 2008 handbag collection. There is this amazing bag in an ultraviolet purple.

    Its this bag:


    but in a purple thats similar to this gerard darel purple:


    The only bad thing is that I'm not sure where to get it. I can't find any contact information on the site, so I can't ask what stores are stocking that particular bag. I know Shopbop carries that brand and I just sent them an e-mail today asking if they were going to be getting any of that bag in.
  6. You should check out Bulga..the leather is soooooooooo soft..I was so impressed with them. I think they have some pretty bright colors out too :tup:
  7. Kooba has some really pretty bags out. If you go to kooba.com you can see them. The Gracie in purple python is TDF!
  8. I love the BE
  9. I love my blue Kooba Elisha--very girlie w/the bow:

  10. My vote would be for Belen Echandia Love Me Mini in yellow (not on the website, but you can probably get one if you ask Jackie).
  11. Coach Bleecker duffle! Gorgeous colors like bright yellow, green, blue and red.
  12. Kooba Talia in the pink or green, absolutely gorgeous.
  13. rebecca minkoff!!!!!!!!!!
  14. go for balenciaga