Buttery grease inside my Goyard St.Louis tote

  1. Help!!!!! I dropped one of those buttery bicuits from Red Lobster in my bag and a grease stain about 2 inches is now on the inside. Anyone know what to do? I took it to the local dry cleaners down here in the bottom of Mississippi and was told "I ain't got a clue but I'll ask the manager in a couple of days"

    Yikes!! We have no real city for miles. I'm not from here and am at a loss. So any Home remedies that you can come up with would be greatly appreciated.:sos:

    Thanks for reading. I'm in a panic:hysteric:
  2. I would use something that would soak up what could be soaked up--like maybe talcum powder or baking soda (pile it on). Do a search on the internet and good luck! But darn, those biscuits are good, our local RL closed years ago and I still drool at the thought of those biscuits.
  3. would suggest doing a search as well... but soak up the excess and then

    what is suggested...
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about that! Just pile lots of talcum powder or baking soda on it!!!!!!!!! Good luck!
  5. Try Corn Starch. It's more absorbent then power or baking soda.
  6. if your goyard is coated canvas on the outside, then I am sure you would be able to mix a drop of clear liquid soap on a damp paper towel and blot OUT the grease. It's important to dissolve the grease and lift it right off the fabric. Then wipe excess off and let dry. If there is still a stain, repeat until it dries to your satisfaction.

    I'm not keen on the cornstarch unless it's on a non-porous surface. I think the cornstarch might be rubbed into the lining and worse right thru the fibers and be left behind.
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