Butterscotch Stella...

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  1. Hi ladies!! I have come to realize that I barely use this gorgeous bag soo I was *thinking* about possibly ebaying it. The retail was $1095.00 but obviously I would not be expecting that since I have used it. What do you think? Should I sell? :shrugs:

    And how much do you think I could get for it? Your help would be much appreciated :yes:
  2. ack a butterscotch stella....hold me back...hehe.
  3. i've seen them listed for BIN's of $599 on eBay....i think from sellers who got them at places like off of Saks and whatnot...
  4. As a collector of vintage MJ bags, I don't view that one as Vintage yet - mainly becuz the market was just flooded with them not so long ago (for a while there, it seemed that eBay was loaded w/those Ltd Ed Signature bags in Butterscotch, both Stellas & Sophias) - I'm guessing they showed up at Nordstroms Rack/Off Saks around the same time & everyone was buying one to resell. I think now that the "supply" of retail bags has diminished & the chances of finding a NWT bag are greatly reduced that there may be a slightly higher demand for these bags (esp since the Stella has been discontinued).

    I always thought that it would be a great collector's piece since it includes MJ's signature - I think if I owned one, I would hang on to it (esp if it were in New condition) since it could become a Vintage Collector' piece down the road. Honestly, right now I don't think it would sell for much more than the average Stella sells for - but years from now, that's when the value may skyrocket.
  5. /\ i agree...the market would probably bring in about $300
  6. I saw one go at $250 not to long ago. ^^ Jun is correct, but they have gone higher.
  7. OMG! I would LOVE a Stella for only $250! If I would only get so lucky *fingers crossed*!
  8. a tpfer got her! :smile:

  9. /\ wouldn't have anything to do with the new avatar of the gal in the yellow dress now would it ? :graucho:
  10. ^^ no I didn't get a butterscotch stella! :smile: i wish. my ban officially broke...ugh, i bid on a green lovely.