Butterscotch mabel shoulder back in stock at mulberry sale!

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  1. So is the Turquoise Mitzy Hobo but I think there is only one.
  2. theres also choccy mables (6)
  3. I am very, very cross with you Lady Farquar! Having been a regular contributor for some time I have gone quiet recently due to a new job, well probably more to the fact that I now have a job I like 'almost' as much as Mulberry Bags! Anyway, here I was 'lurking' as usual when I see mention of the beloved Butterscotch Mabel Shoulder. I got the lipstick version in the sale and am totally in love, it is sitting next to me as I type, alongside my perfectly matched wedges from Clarks (please don't tell anyone they are Clarks!!!). What is a girl to do, off to Mulberry.com I go, press the 'Buy Now' for the Butterscotch and the deal is done. But what about the poor lonely Champagne I hear you say.........?
  4. ^^ nice to see you JJB/OBR - and glad you are enjoying your new job!
    Well as for Lady F's post just when you are back that's called 'FATE' I think...

    Looking forward to side by side (have you got Champange as well... then triplet!?) pics!
    I love spongy leather of my Mable hobo soooo much - Congrats :heart:
  5. Oh JJB/OBR - We're glad to hear from you. We were only talking (well, worrying really) about you on Sunday at Bicester! We said that we hadn't heard from you for a while and hoped that everything was okay with you.

    Well, it sounds like Mulberry are glad you're back too - I'm guessing that you are now proud owner of 3 Mabe Shoulder bags (Lipstick, newly ordered Butterscotch and I'm thinking possibly newly ordered Champagne as well!!).
  6. Sorry:blush:
    I think it must have been waiting in the wings, just for you!!
    (welcome back btw!!)
  7. Good to "see" you again OBR/JJB!!! Glad to hear you're enjoying your job, it makes all the difference. :smile: Did you ever post pics of your silver Bays?
  8. Old bags, you're back!
    Now this is not on you know, we can't have you loving a job so much that you're never around! Mind you, pots and kettles - I'm working full time now and have to cram in a few mins when I can on here.
    I can see you with the butterscotch, bet it looks fab! Congratulations.
  9. I wish that Butterscotch Mable will be back in stock too.