Butterfly's New Friend! Ladybug!!

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  1. I've been scouring ebay for months waiting for this purse to pop up! And it finally did! And I won it (well, I was the only bidder...). She's the sweet fraternal twin to Butterfly and I love her. She's a beautiful red and there is a light green contrast on the handle. And a silver layer between the applique and the bag that is so pretty :yes:
    Here are some (too many) pictures!


    cute little hangtag :heart:


    pretty pink lining

    Butterfly and Ladybug :love:
  2. I was wondering if it was a tpfer that got her. I couldnt justify 100+ on a coin purse but its so cute!
  3. Ooooh Congrats!!! They are the cutest coin purses!! I think I might like them as well :graucho:
  4. and a purse I'll probably never even use ;) She'll just sit next to Butterfly and look pretty :P
  5. oh how pretty.. Im so happy for you.. take good care of your twin.
  6. Oh my goodness those are the two cutest little things!!! Congrats on having these in your collection.
  7. what a cutie! Congrats! :tup:
  8. Thats cute. I had never seen it before.
  9. oh my!! so beautiful, congrats!!
  10. They are so cute! Who cares if you won't use them! They are just fun to look at!!!
  11. Super cute! Love it! Congrats!:tup:
  12. Those are so adorably cute! Congrats on winning the ladybug purse! It's beautiful!
  13. Those are so amazingly cute OMG. I'm so serious - how ADORABLE!!! Congrats!
  14. :love: Adorable! I've never seen those before either.
  15. That is so darn cute!