Butterfly's 18.5 pound challenge!

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  1. :biggrin:
    Starting yesterday, Butterfly is on a diet...why? Because she's 18 pounds overweight, her best friend is getting married in July and she would very much like to look hot for that special day....well, not beacuse of that, but that will be my deadline....here's butterfly's story:

    I got married two years ago, February 2008 and ever since I have gained around 15 pounds due to ehem ehem...cooking? Lol, I love to cook, a lot of things in my life happened and I started eating and drinking too much coke when I shouldnt and of course, I learned (finally!) how to cook and I loved it so much I started trying all sorts of new things!!...and now that a lot of this things that were causing me stress have been sorted out, well I need to get back on track and be the hot Latina I once was! :graucho:

    Here's the deal: when I have gained weight in the past I have cut on carbs (no potatoes, rice, pasta) and much less coke and of course, I need to use the elliptical in the other room! It has worked for me in the past and it will work this time, it's all about attitude and strong will....;) I am overweight but I know I can stop it!

    One of my main motivations will be: I want to fit in my sister's gorgeous Carmen Marc Valvo dress! It's a size 8 and I am currently a size 12...I work it a year and a half ago and it fit me but now it doesn't! She wants it back but it's in my closet (hihihi, it will remain there) Here's a picture of it...wish me luck!!

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  2. You can do it!

    Slow and steady wins the race!

    Gorgeous dress - you will look stunning - best of luck to you!
  3. Good luck!
  4. Good luck! You'll do that and you'll rock that beautiful dress again :choochoo:
  5. Thank you, I almost died in the elliptical machine yesterday lol...I had to drink 2 whole glasses of water after because I am so out of shape!
  6. 18 lbs in 5 months is more than achievable! thats an average of 3lbs per month, you can do it!!!!