Butterfly Effect

  1. Anyone seen this film? Do you prefer the Threatrical Ending or the Director's Ending?
  2. Oh I saw this a while ago! And I don't know which ending is which.. but I liked the one where he went back in time and switched it to where he yelled at the girl and made her move away with her Mom so she wouldn't suffer the abuse while living with her Dad.

    I liked it.. the movie definitely makes you think about how important every little detail is in your life.
  3. You saw the Threatrical Ending then, that one is actually the "happy" one even though it didn't end with the two together. I think Ashton Kutcher did a great job in this movie. I was unfamiliar with his acting before seeing this movie, but this movie sure convinced me that he could act!:yes: And if you're curious about the Director's Ending, here's a SPOILER:









    Basically, he went back in time and strangled himself when he was still a baby in his mother's womb - thereby confirming what the psychic was saying about how he "shouldn't had been there" during the visit to the psychic with his Mom. As he died in her womb, you heard the Mom screamed something like "This is the third baby I miscarried!!", which suggested that the previous two times that she had miscarried might've contained babies that had the same ability of traveling through time, and they had all made the decisions that everyone was better off without them.

    This movie definitely makes me think. I mean, what would I do if I find out that everyone is better off without me? I think that's what the director was originally trying to hint at; and Evan's killing himself was supposed to be a sacrificial gesture, but he had to change it for the threatrical release because most audience wanted a happier ending and that some people mistook the original ending as a promotion for suicide ... I prefer the Director's Cut because it seems to fit in the tone with the rest of the movie better :yes:
  4. i agree with you koukanamiya... i have never seen the "theatrical" version, i have always only watched the director's cut... and i like it.. i like how "deep" it is... and how he is willing to sacrafice himself for the girl and everyone around him...

    it is certainly a very interesting concept... i enjoyed it... :P
  5. i watched this movie when it first came out - i cant even remember when it came out... but i totally enjoyed it - when i comes on cable i was watch it - i must of seen it like 5-10 times by now! LOL ... it was really nice to see Ashton in a different light... i've only seen the directors cut...
  6. I first saw the movie in the theatre so I was surprised when my SO told me that he saw a different ending. After learning that there was a director's ending, I KNOW I just have to watch it again~ Maybe I'm just a cynical and morbid person, but I really do prefer the Director's cut more:yes:

    This film is truly a good film! Too bad it was so underrated. I recall it being bashed on quite a lot when it was released in the theatre. In fact, the rating on IMDB was not that great initially. The rating didn't even go past 7.0 until many weeks after release, I think it's one of those cult hits.

    Do you guys know that they're making a sequel? It's with different people though ... I kind of wish that they wouldn't do sequels on this, just keep it as is ...
  7. i loved that movie. so deep. it made you appreciate every moment of your life. and the people in it!
  8. I didn't know about the director's cut! I like it alot better..
  9. Yup, really enjoyed this movie (both endings work, and present the movie with different perspectives).
  10. i love this movie, this makes me believe than kutcher can act, and amy smart is cute there too
    i only saw the theatrical's ending, but from what i read, i guess i like both :P
  11. i love this movie!:yahoo: i guess ashton did quite well here:yes:
  12. this movie really suprised me. i wasn't a big ashton fan, and it totally changed my mind about him. hubby still doesn't like him, but can stand him in this movie (i'm hoping he feels the same way about the coast gaurd movie coming out in a couple weeks)

    i like both endings, but slightly prefer the theatrical one only because that's the one i saw first. the first time i saw the directors cut, i didn't realize it wasn't going to be the ending i was used to....i don't like having things changed on me. hehe. the director's cut is a teensy bit to dark for me, but i agree it does fit the tone of the movie better.
  13. Ooh I haven't seen the directors cut - really want to see it now!! Going to look at the DVD now!! Hopefully the directors cut ending will be on it!
  14. Before I saw this movie, I didn't understand Ashton's appeal. Actually, I just thought he was another pretty face and I only knew him from "That 70s Show". This movie really proved to me that he could act. I really like the fact that he had been tackling different genres of movies ever since his venture into the big screen.
  15. I'm pretty sure it would be. it's interesting because the theatrical release is considered as "unhappy" by a lot of people, but I tend to see it as pretty positive when compared with Director's Cut. When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I KNEW I have to watch it. The whole idea of time traveling and how one small "butterfly" can change the course of history has always been fascinating to me.