Butterfly Canvas Bag

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  1. What do you guys think of the butterfly canvas bag from the Cruise season? Does anyone have one?

    Also, how durable is the canvas bag?
  2. I'd love to see some real 'live' pics of this bag, it looks gorgeous!
  3. Dying to see pics here, I'm a butterfly freak!
  4. It was in the Cruise catalogue. Trying to get the webpage to load but for some weird reasons, my firefox is having issues with macromedia flash ...
  5. I give up ... I can't seem to paste the picture.

    If you go to the BV website and click on the Resort 2006 catalog. On page 62-63, there's a butterfly bag on the left. That's the one I'm talking about except in quarzo pink.
  6. I have seen the cosmetic pouches in the boutique. The pink butterflies are so sweet and I was actually considering it (they’re on sale). I went for the quarzo intrecciato one in the end (the SA convinced me it’s more BV, oh well, the butterflies are BV too).
  7. I do like it loads! Am quite the butterfly freak myself, being quite a girly girl :shame:

    Which size are you looking at, kou?
  8. Oh that is beautiful and so feminine.