Buttercream! Bays vs French

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  1. So I went to the Mulberry store the other day and discovered that I *love* the new colour ~ Buttercream. It doesn't look like much in pictures, but in real life, it's a beautiful off-white creamy colour that makes me want one of everything in that colour!

    The thing is - I just got my first Bays (a gift from my mother!) in oak embossed croc print. I adore it, and it's perfect and matches with almost everything I wear to work. I really want the Bays in Buttercream, but I'm worried that the colour will not stay the same and I have to spend a lot of time babying it. Also, I think my wife will actually kill me if I go back with another Bays. (She already thinks it's insane that anyone needs to buy a 1000EUR bag. Yeah, she just doesn't get it.)

    So I thought ... maybe the tree french purse (http://www.mulberry.com/eu/shop/small-leather-goods/purses/tree-french-purse-buttercream-small-classic-grain)!

    I'm terrible at making decisions, so I would love your thoughts on this! French wallet or Bays (if it goes on sale) :thinking:
  2. Have you thought about a different bag, like a Lily? Or a clutch wallet that could also be used as a bag? Between the French purse and the Bays, if cost is not the deal breaker, I would choose the Bays-if longevity is your concern, hands are on a wallet way more than a large bag, increasing the chances of it becoming shabby quickly.

    I think loads of Collonil or the like will keep you out of trouble?

    Buttercream is gorgeous!
  3. A wallet will become dirtier than a bag. I have a small aqua wallet and the sides became soiled quickly. Also, the suede interior of my old chocolate darwin leather bags tends to shed into the wallet's folds. I agree with morejunkny about looking into the Lily style or another style that's not quite an everyday bag but one that you could still enjoy often.
  4. To be honest, I also tried on the Buttercream Lily (how could I not??) and it was lovely. However, I must say that the fact that it cost basically as much as the Bays put me off a little. Lily is a beautiful bag, and I can definitely see myself using it. Price is definitely a factor there.

    I basically typed "buttercream" into the search function and drooled over all the options :shame: and there wasn't anything except the Bays or the french purse (and the Lily) that made my heart leap...

  5. Yes, I also think that a wallet will get dirtier than a bag. The Lily would be great. Maybe it gets into the sale and you can snatch it up there, if you are not keen on buying full price. [emoji4]
  6. In any case, I think I will wait for the sale and see what's on offer then ~ :biggrin: thanks!

  7. It is 20 percent off in the US presale.
  8. I saw that, but I'm in Germany, so I guess I will have to wait for the sale here. :girlsigh:
  9. I have been wanting an slg in aqua for so long, but can't make up my mind. I really want a wallet in that colour. Do you mind me asking which wallet you purchased in aqua? Would you be able to post/pm me what your wallet looks like now? I know wallets go through the most wear and tear but mine will go through harsh conditions.. :lol:
  10. What *are* you planning on doing with your wallet? :P
  11. I love the buttercream too. Not sure I'd dare go for anything so light but I may have a couple of items sitting in my basket...just waiting for the sale to start now :smile:

  12. I know what you mean! I'm soooo tempted!
  13. What fun making tough decisions right?! I just wanted to weigh in on the French Purse style wallet. I've had mine now for well over a year in mushroom metallic color. I use it basically everyday except for days when I'm carrying a very small bag (then I switch to 1 of my small card cases to save room in the small purse) I am continually impressed with how well my Mulb french purse has held up. It still looks brand new~there is no signs of wear on it (so hard to believe)....maybe it's because of the mushroom metallic color (?) I love it because it has enough cc slots & some extra sections to put a small stack of other cards/coupons inside (for all of the endless retail & food stores cards that everyone now seems to carry) I'm sure you'd be happy with whatever you decide, but I give a huge thumbs up to the french purse style wallet! Best of luck!! :smile:
  14. Thanks for the info! I've been thinking about switching to a smaller purse style for a while now. So far, I've been using the long wallets, but I find that they just encourage me to keep putting more and more cards and receipts and whatnot in there!

    I'm definitely going to check out the french purse in Buttercream when the sale starts here. I can't wait!!
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