Butter London

  1. trustafarian looks great! I saw nonie creme hint on twitter (ages ago) that some holos would be coming up soon.

    I have the three new ones (scouse, sloane ranger, swinger) on their way to me yay!
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    I'm thinking more Princess Saber (sp? The gold one anyhow) than dragon.. Maybe in between?

    Yay! Can't wait to see your swatches. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get them from?

    Edit: just saw them on Brands Exclusive! Never mind :smile:
  3. they're all available on the BL site too :smile:
  4. But they only ship to Canada, UK and US, right?
  5. Yup but they would be delivered free to UK depending on the order & then another charge to yours, so really you can get them lower! ;)
  6. yeah I have a US post box - so I get it delivered to there, then forwarded on to me in Sydney (and that is STILL way cheaper than buying Australian retail!)
  7. Check and check-mate. I must have that.

    I was thinking more like Princess Sabra? Cause it seems to have a lot of gold in it too?

  8. That explaines it. I thought I missed some way they sent internationally. Now i know its still those same old countries :smile:
  9. Ahh i can finally ask someone about this, ive thought about getting an US post box as well, mind if i ask a couple of questions as these companies offer lots of different options. Do you get packages sent on straight away or do you consolidate them? And if so do you have them repackage your various packages?
  10. I consolidate - the brands I usually buy from overseas are nars and butter London - so ill wait for both packages to come and get them shipped together.

    not really sure what you mean about the packaging?
  11. I'm ashamed to say i only own one butter london polish <_< The black knight.
  12. Haha me too! I actually popped in here to ask if it was added to regular collection. It was supposed to be limited edition, and I really REALLY wanted it. Saw it at Ulta last month, and MINE.
  13. One of these PO Box sites i checked out offered to repackage, i think the meant to take off the excess packing stuff so you dont get charged extra for the weight. Hmmm sound like ill get one some day soon i hate losing out on all types of deals cause i dont have a USA address. Should save me a bundle if i do a few orders a month, though that usually only happens at the end of the year when everyone does great deals.
  14. Has anyone tried Disco Biscuit, yet? i used it tonight and the finish is very rough, which I'm guessing is due to all the glitter in it. Or maybe my nails are just weird? Did anyone else end up with a rough finish?