But will they last?

  1. I need all the BV gal and guys help. I am saving up for a large veneta because I love the look of the bag. I currently have the medium but don't use it everyday because of the delicate color-magnolia. My concern is how would a large veneta hobo hold up under everyday use. Has anyone had the veneta and used it for years? I am especially concerned about the corners and edges. (I guess that photo of Denise Richards is haunting me!)
    Please weigh in on how your bag looks after frequent use!:flowers:
  2. I forgot to mention that I want to get the veneta in carmino.
    Any opinions on longevity? TIA
  3. I am very rough on my nero veneta and I use it a lot and it has held up amazingly. In fact, I used this bag almost exclusively for about a year and it has been in heavy rotation for another year. I just have such a hard time liking any other bags after carrying a BV! I do not see any wear on the corners or edges. I have heard that the lighter colors may dirty easily, but I don't think that this would be an issue with carmino.
  4. Thank you Tibu! You are giving me hope. Anyone else?
  5. I have used my ebano large veneta for about 1/2 year so far on most weekends and the leather looks even more scrumptious with age :heart: No problems so far and would highly recommend this bag. You won't regret it! :tup:
  6. I haven't used my ebano veneta enough to judge but so far I think it's pretty resilient. My only concern with a veneta that isn't ebano or nero is the handle may darken with time. I've seen some pretty grubby ones on eBay including shades of red. I returned a large carmino veneta because I panicked about just that. If you are diligent keeping it on your shoulder and not in your hand or bare forearm (easier to do with the large) you might stay clean! P.S. I'm really anal about stuff like that! LOL!
  7. Thanks for the tip blugenie. I have to decide if I am that diligent or not!
  8. NWpurselover- i bought my large veneta a few months ago and it is holding up well. i have medium venetas that i used very frequently and corners and edges were still perfectly okay (except they get a little dirty). if you take good care of them-meaning keeping them in their dustbags and occasionally use a protective cream, they shall be fine. IMO they are very durable bags, compared to other bags I own.
  9. Hi

    I have a few Veneta bags. I have had my Ebano for two years. It looks as good as new. My Nero is two months old and is in great condition. You have to be more careful with the nocce and carmino colours though as they do tend to darken and mark far more easily.