but the birkin came out unscathed


Nov 9, 2005
On a more humorous note. We were walking up to one of the best restaurants in Portland, right in front of about 10 other people and the 2 valet guys, when all of the sudden I stepped in a hole on the sidewalk and went down to the ground. My son and 3 girls were with me. My son helps me up and says, "oh mommy are you okay" (he's my sweet 14 year old). My three girls say, "OMG is your purse okay", "did you scratch your purse", "Oh I hope it's okay". All the people around us must have thought they were nuts. Needless to say, I am leaving on our annual skiing vacation to Bend on the 26th and my ankle is the size of a cantaloupe. I guess I'll have to take my computer to the lodge with me and shop ebay. (Birkin has no scratches, she's fine even though she helped break my fall)