But Its Only A Bag !!!

  1. Hi, Just wondered what your friends and family think about your Mulberry * thing *!!

    A lot of my friends laugh and say I`m a really sad C** !! its only a bag they say !!

    I dare not even tell them that I post on a bag forum as they would prob not talk to me ever again !!

    My husband has even said , Mmmm ..... maybe you need to go back to work ... Huh I don`t think so , so I shall continue to post and keep my Mulberry * thing* in secret !!!

    Only joking guys , but what do your friends and family think about your Mulberry *thing*???
  2. I know the feeling - my mum and friends say 'it's only a bag' too! None of them get my obsession.

    OH gets Mulberry a bit more. He bought himself a Mulberry wallet and he likes my bags because they are unstated and so well made.

    Everyone has something in life that makes them happy - I don't have many vices, I make sure all my bills are paid and I save each month - for me saving up for bags which are my little bit of luxury makes me happy :yes:
  3. Andy thinks I am a positively ridulously sad c**!!! But hey,its his money I spend so not that daft eh!!???
  4. Ha ha ha! Love it Chaz! :roflmfao:
  5. My mum thinks I'm completely mad, as do the few friends that know, but it is because they prefer to buy lots of cheaper ones and keep changing them about, I'll only have one bag to most peeps 4-5 but they can't see it that way.

    My hubby is cool with it but probably cos it is my own money :push:
  6. My DH didn't get this "posting pics" thing until he saw the replies. Still, or cause of that, he calls this site airhead.com. No, he totally understands beautiful, well-made things, he almost bought crocodile shoes for himself last time he travelled alone, maybe he just worries about people talking, I don't know.
  7. My husband also hangs out on this nerd site, he's a tester for a program so it's not as if I am alone with this hobby of mine, here we just discuss handbags instead of how to create the perfect daytime light.

    I've told some friends about this forum too, they were cool, some of them are addicted to facebook and really, what's the difference..?
  8. Nobody really seems to get it!!! My DH does, however appreciate fine leather, though! My daughter thinks that I am mad especially when I mentioned that I wanted to go to the May meet!! She can't understand the bond here! Oh well, she is young and will learn in time.
  9. My kids laugh at my obsession...they find it unbelievable that I am on a purse forum... But they also find it cute and cool that their Mom has her thing -- and that I deserve my delights in life.
    However, I don't talk about handbags with any of my friends. Only tpf'ers. My friends would not understand, but mostly, they could care less. So why should I talk to them about it? It is just for me...and you tpf'ers who do "get it."
  10. Thats true,its only on here with you ladies that 'get it' do I come and chat about bags,but I think they are getting almost a little incidental now we are all getting to know each other!! I now come for the chat and fun of it all!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. My Dh goes :rolleyes:, my mum thinks:shrugs:. My 5 year old who is learning sentence structure came out with ' My Mum wants a new bag.' bless:shame:
  12. Hey I`ve fell off my chair laughing before !!!!

    I think its :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
  13. Tell you what,it brightens my day no end!! I usually end up laughing to myself in shops when I 'm out and about,like today when I went into a Pilgrim outlet an they had some of those leather wrist things,I just burst out laughing remembering the 'dog collars'!!! The sa did'nt look paticularly amused tho,especially when I said 'crap weather isn't it? quite frosty in here' ,Sophie squealed her head off trying to wreck the jewellery displays so I left...................................sharpish!!!:roflmfao:
  14. My daughters and DH understand its just friends, other family members and colleagues who dont get the bag thing. I get ooh thats a nice bag where did you get it? and how much? They spend their money on other things l spend on bags so no problem!! I find that it doesnt matter too much whether you dress in jeans and a teeshirt if you carry a nice bag and have nice shoes you feel good.
  15. Totally agree gtomad. I wear casual clothes all the time, I can never pull off the smart and groomed look, but a nice bag makes me feel less of a scruff.