"But it looked fantastic on the web site!"

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  1. It seems that I'm always falling in love with some bag on a Web site, but so often when I order it it just doesn't look so keen in person. Maybe the color is different in real life, or it's stitched together poorly. Maybe the shape just doesn't hang right or I look at it and think "Why did I spend so much money on THIS?"

    Does that ever happen to you?

    There was this bag I loved on the Anthropologie web site. There's a store in my area so I stopped by. In real life the bag looked garish and the blue wasn't as deep and sky-like as the bag on the Web site.

    Or there was this bag I loved on the J.Jill web site. In the store the bag looked plain weird and klunky.

    I've been trying to limit myself to buying bags I see only in real life, so I don't have to hassle with returns. But it's hard because the only "designer" labels that find their way to my neck of the woods are Dooney and Coach in just a few styles.

    On the other hand I've never been disappointed with Treesje or Cole Haan bags that I've bought mail order. I've always loved those. Nice leather, high quality.

    Maybe it's just the cheaper lines of bags that regularly disappoint?
  2. No, I don't think so -I've been disappointed by R-T-W designer bags, too. :yes:

    Conversely, though, sometimes I've been pleasantly surprised and a bag's been even nicer than I thought it would be. :smile:
  3. I've had that happen, it's something I'm always scared of when ordering online. Especially if it's some amazing deal with no returns. It's amazing how good photographers can make an object look, even if it's not that impressive. I find it helpful if they have ratings on the items so you have some clue what the other buyers have thought about it.
  4. Oh I love the online ratings too! And I love sites that have a lot of them like Sierra Trading Post. But so often with handbags there are no ratings.

    Some of the online photos of bags look truly amazing. Those on Nordstrom's web site for example. The bags always seem to have a glow. They look so peachy and creamy like the fell off a cloud. Especially when they're a light color. In reality they may show up as muddy gray but on the Nordstrom's site they glow like a beautiful ivory. (I'm thinking of one Cole Haan bag I had to send back for that reason.)

    Another trick these sites use is that they stuff the bag so they look plump and full and nicely shaped. In reality they may sag into a sad, weird shape. Instead of being round they might look like a deflated triangle.
  5. And that is why I am a hands-on only kind of gal. I love the instant gratification of just buying what I have touched, fondled, felt the weight of and smelled. The actual anticipation, and not knowing that any of my criteria will arrive in that UPS box would just kill me.
  6. I'm actually much better at picking out bags I like online... in the stores there are just too many, often poorly displayed... and sometimes I miss the ones I actually like!

    Whereas online, I can often read reviews, compare prices (a great deal always makes the bag even better haha!) and look at specs, and color choices!

    I think I'm almost too good at shopping online lol!
  7. Have never ordered anything online before..my buying routine would be first to the website and browse. If I see something I like, I'll drop by the store and have a closer look on the size, shape and how it'll look on me. Then I'll make my purchase!
  8. It's the magic of photography. In the same way models in magazines are touched-up and lighted to their best advantage, inanimate objects like handbags are as well.

    It's risky buying from a photo. A two-dimensional image can only give you so much "information" that a person needs to make the decision about whether they like something or not.
  9. I agree with all your thoughts and opinions, but I just can't reisist the great on-line deals!! Sure, waiting for the purse to be delivered is always hard to do, but when I get a good deal, it's worth it.
  10. Had that problem too, which is why stock pictures aren't always reliable. I had this problem before with one bag that was sooo affordable, I ordered it, and soon as it came, the colors were a bit off. It was still beautiful but it didn't look good on me, at all. So I had to return it.

    Lesson learned. I will never rely on a stock photo again.
  11. i got that feeling when i saw the calfskin chloe paraty irl. not what i was hoping for at all, but on the other hand, certain bags can exceed expectations. the python one was perfection. i could hardly walk away from it.
  12. Seriously, this happens to me ALL the time. ALL the time. Especially recently with all the great deals on Goldenbleu and Hayden Harnett, I've been buying lots of stuff w/o seeing it IRL. Even after I've seen pictures here on tPF, it's still not that similar to what it is IRL. If anything, the description of the colors in writing from people here on tPF is the closest to what it really is. I can't tell you how many I've opened the box and gone, "OOOhh...hmmm" with a puzzled look on my face.

    Oh, this happens with clothes too. Especially J. Crew. I ordered some cardigans over the summer and they're cut much shorter (hits at the natural waist) than on the model in the photo.
  13. there are never are good deals on purses at my saks/nm...i can always find better deals online, SO for the most part i have been incredibly happy with the purses i've gotten

    i WAS however extremely disappointed with a fendi tote i got, looked formal online and when i got it, looked like straw...i have learned the zoom tool on a website is extremely important to use!
  14. Before buying a bag online I always search ebay to see if someone is selling the bag there and has some IRL photos. It always looks so different laying against someone's sofa or sitting on a chair than it does in the stock photo. I hate buying on ebay because you never know what condition the bag will be when it arrives, or if it's even real, but I love the photos!
  15. I don't usually like buying bags or even clothing online. I have to be able to touch it and try it on