But I thought you said havanne.......

  1. DH knows I have been looking for the right Lindy for quite some time.

    I have been offered several but never in the colour or leather that I was looking for...
  2. Uh oh, is this a reveal? :nuts:
  3. Break out the popcorn Loonster!
  4. C'mon handy! spill! I love the lindy!
  5. [​IMG]

  6. :popcorn: rubbing my hands together in eager anticipation.
  7. The specs on my dream Lindy are highly specific.

    DH knows..... don't deviate from the list :boxing:
  8. So, like the Hunter/Gatherer he was designed to be he set off......

  9. :woohoo:
  10. He calls.......

    DH: I found it :nuts:

    Me: My Lindy?

    DH: Yup.

    Me: Did you buy it?

    DH: Yup

    Me: The Havanne swift Lindy 30 PH? Just like we discussed.....

    DH: Um.... nearly :wtf:
  11. Oh, no is it...... :wtf::nuts:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. ooooh!!!!!!! havanne matte CROC lindy?????????????!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, i always have croc on the brain....)
  14. OMG, I think I was right. Are those scales I see? *faints*
  15. Wow ..... more please!