but i AM paypal verified!! help, wahhhhh!

  1. all of a sudden when i try to list it tells me i can't because i need to become paypal verified, and if i am paypal verified i need to link to my paypal account.

    but i am verified and i;ve been linked for YEARS!!!

    is there any option other than spending an hour on hold trying to talk with someone?


    ps - eBay stinks
  2. There may be a glitch in the system. This has happened to me before, and I had contacted eBay about the problem. They are the ones who said it was a glitch, and it was fixed the next day.
  3. thanks, michele. after 53 minutes on hold the rep told me that it is indeed a glitch, and that i should try removing my link to paypal and then adding it back.

    now i'm going to go have a beer. or two.
  4. This same thing is happening to me right now! I went to revise a listing and couldnt because it said it had something to do with linking paypal (which it is) and something about shipping to foreign counties! It's so stupid! I have another auction with all the shipping to foreign countries in it and that one was fine when I revised it, it's just this one listing!
    To get around it took out the foriegn shipping and just wrote it in the description. But it still had me in a panic for about 20 minutes before I figured out how to get around it!
    What a crock!
  5. dont worry! happened to me too!!! i sat for 45 minutes to talk to them and they told me the same thing :smile:
  6. thanks..glad to know...just in case this happens to me in the future
  7. It also has something to do with posting limits - this happened to me last week. I don't know if you were trying to post a designer item but sometimes an automated response pops up after you've posted a certain number of items and says you can't list an item because you are not paypal verified. Gets pretty frustrating.