busy schedule, what to eat??

  1. My sched got crazy recently. A few days a week I'm running errands all day or taking care of work related stuff so I don't have much time to eat except during lunch time from 1-2. I find myself stuffing myself so I will feel full throughout the day because I can't eat till around 9 pm. Do you think I should just skip the 9pm meal when I'm hungry. I don't want to gain weight, although I feel like I have been gaining a few pounds. Anyone know what I should/shouldn't eat? I can eat snacks during the day, just don't know what's best. Any certain salads/sandwiches/smoothies/etc? Please keep in mind, I can't eat anything that is completely bland!! THANKS SO MUCH!!:heart:
  2. I'm a student, so some days with work and class and everything I barely have time for food as well. Whenever I get the chance, I make some chili or soup and freeze it in individual containers, so I can just throw it in the microwave for a few minutes. I also love snacking on things like frozen grapes, which seem to fill me up faster than unfrozen ones, or carrots and cherry tomatoes dipped in hummus. Toast with natural peanut butter is another really easy meal when you have no time. My roomate loves frozen bananas - she's convinced they taste just like ice cream.

    Definetely don't skip meals, especially if you are hungry. Just try to keep your dinner light. There are lots of really easy recipes for chicken and salmon in "The Kitchen," where you just add a few ingredients and throw it in the oven or on the stove. HTH!
  3. Thanks!! I'm definitely going to try that this week!
  4. Pack a bunch of little snacks so you won't get hungry. Baby carrots, raisins, mixed nuts, cheese & crackers and etc.
  5. Peanut butter and cracker are always good. A granola bar and a banana are also easy to eat and quick to prepare.