Busy Day Now Tulle Couture Spy.

  1. Well the Tulle spy has turn up and I have sent it back, very disappointed with it. It was very grubby looking, do not know if it was because it had been handled a lot or what. I have taken pictures but you cannot really see the grubby bits, the handles was not new looking. Very surprised Selfridges where I got it from did not tell me this I even asked them if it was grubby because I knew it was old stock.

    I think I shall hold out for the Purple Tulle if I can find one, think that colour is better than the bright pink on the handles of this one.
    133_3352.JPG 133_3354.JPG 133_3357.JPG 133_3355.JPG 133_3356.JPG
  2. Aw Saich, sorry this one was a little disappointing! It was naughty of Selfridges to not be so honest about it's condition! I can see why you wanted one so badly though! At least you have the lovely pleated cherry to keep you going!!:heart:
  3. It is lovely. You have good taste Saich! I do agree with you that in some parts it looks kinda grubby. Almost dirty looking. What a shame.
  4. same as expressed above--I can see what you mean about it looking grubby, like it has been stored outside the dustbag for a long time or something. That is really too bad on such a lovely bag.
  5. Sorry you were disappointed Saich. I must say I am very surprised that Selfridges let it be sent out in that condition, well maybe now we know why it was relegated to the store room.
  6. I can see where it is grubby. I am also not a fan of the bright pink handles. They seem hard to match to a lot of colors for an outfit.
  7. Oh that awful! That Pink Tulle Spy is the Spy of my dreams too!
  8. Yes I was a bit disappointed with its condition as not in brand new condition, but its probably a good thing as really want the Tulle purple one, but could not find it. I also think the colours on this one is a bit to much for me tend to go for more classic colours like my Black Pearl Tulle that I have just bought.

    Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts its very sweet of you all.

    HandbagAddict my friend, thank you, yes at least I have the pleated which turn out to be lovely
  9. Saich - I agree with it being grubby. How sad for such a beautiful bag.... It's criminal! I think it's best that you sent it back too. Even though it's rare, it's not worth having one in such a poor condition.
  10. Sorry about your spy, Saich! It's a beautiful bag but I agree that it's pretty grubby:sad:
  11. If they're sending it back to Fendi, is Fendi going to restore them? Or just toss them away... which is such a tragedy....
  12. The bag is BEYOND STUNNING!!!:love: However, if you are not completely happy with the bag's condition, send it back, Saich. It's too much $$$ to just settle for it.

    Just wanted to add that your SPY collection is out of this world!!!:drool:
  13. Thanks H Addict, trying to get a good collection together as love these bags so much, just wish some of them was not so hard to find.

    BalenciageLove the Tulle that where in London was to badly damaged even to be repaired by all accounts so think they might be thrown away but do not know. know they are going back to Italy. Regarding the one I have sent back they will probably try and sell it at some point to someone who does not mind it being grubby
  14. Saich, sorry the Tulle condition disappointed you!
    But I'm glad you received also the Pleated today ...it must have help to console you ;) !!!
  15. You are completely right Saich,the good thing...you save your money for a futur extraordinary purchase!!!
    I'm sure you'll get your green Spy soon:flowers: