Busy Busy Busy

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  1. Hi, Just came to check the board for a few moments today. I've been so busy with work this week. There are a few accounts I'm working on that had to be wrapped before next week. Also, our 16th anniversary is next week and my husband has surprised me with a trip out of town (but I don't know where yet...LOL). I'm dying to know but he says he will not tell me until Monday (we leave on Tuesday). I hate this!

    Ah, I also received my Damier Alma (I love it and still need to post pictures of it in the LV section) as one of my Mothers Day gifts along with a beautiful 'journey' necklace from my husband and boys. I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day!

    Anyway, I hope to be back on TPF after our trip! Take care!:heart:
  2. So glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Have fun on your trip!
  3. Have fun on ur trip! :smile:
  4. Aww, what sweet gifts! Have fun on your trip (wherever it is)!