Busted Stitching on my Venetia/Do MJ stores do repairs?

  1. I am so sad :sad: . I finally used my cherry blossom venetia this weekend (bought it ages ago from Cat in the first MP) and it already has a couple of busted stitches on the handle (near the rings). There is no MJ store where I live, but I can take it to the nearest one in Hong Kong cause I am going there anyway next month.

    Has this happened to anyone -- I mean, how is the stitching on your MJ Bags? I tried to do a search, but it seems it doesn't really happen. Also, does anyone know if MJ stores accept bags for repair? As mentioned I didn't buy this particular one from the store, but I have bought from them ...
  2. in the US, i was told that MJ stores would only repair bags that were bought directly from their store. i don't know about non-US stores, so you may have to call and ask an SA. HTH.
  3. Thanks mahbag! I called the Hong Kong store and they will take it for repairs. but will have to charge (apparently there won't be a charge if bought from them?) depending on what they will do. I probed a bit more and found out that to a regular repair place, so I think I will scout around here in my area first and see if anyone can handle it. I think it's actually a simple repair -- to just fix the stitches, I mean -- but what makes it complicated is that they might not have the right thread colour to match. Thanks again!