Busted, My Aching Back, Paddy Tote Saga

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  1. so, i love my whiskey paddy tote -- and i am used to large bags. i live in nyc so my purse is my car, but after two days lugging around my paddy tote my back was killing me....fyi- im in really good shape work out 6 days a week....took padlock and key off, then thought thats just insane a paddy sans paddy, take it back, silly...now, i only used it twice --- looked fine to me --- took it back to chloe shop in nyc, where the pre-requisite for being hired is you must have the world's snottiest attitude...the girl who sold it to me, aleady condesending and not to be vulgar but i spend more a month than she does a year, so get over yourself...anyway, she is about to take it back...i was clutching a very nice betty i'd been eyeing and she comes over with my compact and a used tissue and said the lining was stained and i had clearly used it...okay, so i had used, but the lining was not stained, the old tissue was obviously the nail in my chole exchange coffin. fine i should have looked more carefully...but i had just had my eyes checked and was still diulated...honestly...now i'm stuck with it. my husband says i clearly didn't want to give it back as i'm OCD and never make mistakes like that. perhaps it's khloe karma and i'm meant to keep it.
    now any advice???? does anyone else find them back breakingly heavy? if so, what do you do? anyone else been busted trying to return something you did use???? it was a first for me....the good news is im so embarrassed i won't be going back for awhile and will save some $.....
  2. My advice would be to post 15 more times, then put it here in the marketplace. Someone would gladly take it off your hands for you can get a Betty :smile:
  3. Hi Tracey. I have the tote, but don't find it to be any heavier than my other Paddy bags (although it is heavier than my LV tote). I had a negative experience with the Betty bag, so while it is lighter, I would say you are probably lucky to have the Paddy tote rather than the Betty. I think the Paddy tote is more "user friendly" than Betty and also has better resale value if you decide to list.
  4. I agree that the SAs in New York seem a bit on the unfriendly side. I LOVE New York City, but the service (when I have called) is a bit less than what I would expect for the $$$ we are spending. I am sure if you post in the Marketplace you will find a taker for your bag.
  5. ET, the service in the boutique, in person, is just as unfortunate. The NYC Chloe boutique is probably my least favorite boutique in NYC. In terms of handbags, I have had wonderful experiences at the YSL boutique (especially the one on 57th Street), Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs. My SAs and the other SAs that I have observed at the respective boutiques have been pleasant, friendly and helpful. I am happy to give them frequent patronage because I have had throughly enjoyable experiences in all of these boutiques. The Chloe boutique is a different beast entirely. I dread going in there, but unfortunately their selection is much wider than those at Bergdorf, Saks and Bloomies Soho. The Chloe SAs seem to be burdened by their clients.
  6. I have read many posts about how Chloe SA's are not very pleasant to deal with. That is why I am hesistant to visit a Chloe Boutiique!:sad2:
  7. The SAs in The Chloe shop here in Munich are so unfriendly that I preferred to order through NAP and pay more for my paddy. The weight just bothered me in the first days but I got used to it.
  8. so glad to hear im not the only one....you are right about YSL, the ones in the shop on mad and 70th are so nice....doesn't matter if you buy, if you come in wearing sweats and no make-up...they treat everyone the same....jimmy choo gang are snot balls too...
    i have vowed several times not to return to chloe...i buy my chloe pants from ron herman in la so i don't have to try things on there...
    but they do have a great selection.
  9. They don't seem to have a great selection of bags! I called them about maybe exchanging my blanc pocket, and the only colors they have are black, blanc, and whiskey. Mousse is sold out and they don't expect more this season. Funny, the other stores seem to be able to find things, but NOT the flagship store? I wonder if they could get me a chamois Edith...
  10. I was in Chloe NYC on Friday evening and their selection was a mess. I was getting the feeling that much of their stock had been depleted. They still seemed to have more on hand than Bergdorf, Saks and Bloomies Soho, who all had only a few random pieces as of this weekend. Intermix also has Chloe, but is more limited in what they carry, I think.

    ET, I tried to get on the waiting list for an Edith at Chloe NYC, and they said all of their Edith lists are closed and won't open up again for several months. I doubt it would even be worth a phone call.
  11. that really stink! im really sorry to hear what happened! i hope your back is ok! back pain totally bites!
  12. good luck with mad ave and an edith....i mentioned it and they looked at me like i asked them to give me one of their kidneys.
  13. you're right -- compared to what socal is unearthing in costa mesa they are out of stock...the thing about intermix is they are really nice. every now and then they have a bag you dont think they will.
  14. Well, at least I got the whiskey! It will be more versatile...and maybe I can get on an early list for the cream Edith for winter. IF such a thing exists. My SA had not heard of one, but promises to e-mail me the MOMENT he hears anything.
  15. If I bought a bag from Chloe NYC, can I exchange it at Chloe SCP? Did the Costa Mesa store have pocket Paddingtons? If so, do you know what colors?