Busted! Item not recieved from suspicious seller.

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I think I was busted by a seller and I need your opinions.
    Last wednesday, I got a second chance offer from a seller for a chloe bag I was bidding for. (Which I wrote in another thread) This is within eBay scheme, because I got this message through eBay's "My Messages".
    I saw that the sellers feedback is nearly 100% so I immediately paid through PayPal with credit card after double-checking with her via mail that she will refund if it is not authentic or an item as described. Then I have heard nothing ever since she sent me eBay message :"yes I recieved it, i will send it tomorrow".
    I have tried to contact several times, but no answer yet.

    What bugs me most is that I found out that the item description was copied from another seller, and also she has another seller account which sell the same bags and! I see a positive comment which was added by the seller account which I bought the bag from!!! Isn't that wrong??

    I know that it is a bit too fast to take an action 'cuz it hasn't been 10days after the list ending. But I want to prepare myself if i am to be busted!
    I cannot make a claim through eBay because it hasn't been 10 days, but
    I already file a claim through PayPal. Do you think i should call the credit card as well?

    What is the most effective way to get my money back?????
    Please help!
  2. Oh no!! Call your CC asap and get them to stop the payment.
  3. When she said "tomorrow", what day would that have been? If the message you got was last wednesday, the earliest she could have send it out would be thursday or friday (if it's in the US, po's closed on thanksgiving thursday). From where was it coming from and where are you located? Since it's only sunday, it's not sufficient enough time for it to arrive since either she would have had to overnight the package (paying a good extra for saturday delivery) or two day (but that would have to be a country that doesn't celebrate thanksgiving where every place is closed). Just because she hasn't e-mailed you again since saying it would be sent the next day, could mean she went away for the weekend and due to the weather/crowds may not beable to get to a computer. Because she gave herself positive feedback is definitely fishy though...Do you have the auction listings? I'd be more afraid of a possible fake.
  4. Thanx for the message MarinaMava,
    As far as i can see in my credit card statement, the transaction was already done...... In this case, can i still cancell the payment if I contact the Credit
    card company??

    I am not sure how this Chargeback of PayPal works......
  5. Thank you, Surferchick2
    the seller is located in UK and I am in ireland.
    The listing of the item is 140056326711.
    The last mail was sent to me on Wednesday, just after the auction ended.
    I know, like you said, it is way to fast to think that I am ripped off. But if I wait another 5 days, I fear that the payment transaction is completed by then, I cannot possibly get the money back..... Or in that sense, am I too late?
  6. It's obvious where she got it since she "won" the same bag as it's the exact same pictures so there's a lie. Also, if it's a "wholesaler" (which is pretty much a giveaway of a fake), she wouldn't have a chloe receipt since that would mean it came to a store. These bags were released on a very limited edition and there's no way it would be overstock or go for that cheap price. Plus, Ioffer had these. You can still wait until you get the bag if there's that miracle it's real, because your credit card company will honor a claim but I'd get the paperwork going.
  7. Thank you Surferchick for your advice!!
    Yes, exactly like you said, it would be a miracle if the bag is real. But at the moment, I even doubt if the bag arrives or not. I guess it would be better if it doesn't, then it would be easier to claim in ebay and PayPal.....
    I guess I will contact my credit card company right away!
    Hope I can get my money back.....
  8. Hi! If you're certain that the seller is using her other account to bid on her auction then report her to ebay! This is shill bidding and against ebay rules!!! You can also use this against her so that she refunds you your money! :yes: Btw, this bag looks fake to me... :s
  9. i don't know when you can start filing with paypal, nor do i know how long it will take, but i know going straight to your credit card without giving paypal a chance to solve the problem, paypal will suspend you. I believe when people sign up for paypal, they agree to file the disputes with them first, before giving the responsibility to the credit card company. i'm really sorry this happened to you. good luck!
  10. Hi,
    I'm sorry you have to go trhough all this hassle.:sad:

    Shipping from the UK to Ireland doesn't normally take any longer than shipping within the UK as Northern Ireland is part of the UK.
    Unless you're in Southern Ireland, in which case it may take a little longer. So if she said she shipped it out last week, then you should already have it.

    I have to say though, i think the bag is fake too. It looks too stiff and that price is just ridiculously low.:s This particular bag doesn't have overstock - in fact i've not yet seen a genuine one on Ebay with the crystal lock!

    File a claim with Paypal, report the seller for bidding on her own auction and sit tight until Paypal get back to you.

    I wish you good luck! xx
  11. Thank you so much for the comment Leanbeanee, Itzme, Chicky!
    Your advice is highly appreciated!!!!! I should have post a "Authentificate this" before having bought this stuff.... But I knew this forum after completing the auction.
    As Chicky wrote, I might be suspended by PayPal if I call the CCC right away, and I don't want that, so maybe I will wait another couple of days to see what PayPal can do something about it. (Still no answer from the seller).
    And I will also make a claim on eBay about the shill bidding.
    I will keep posting how it goes,
    Thank you!!

  12. ITA. :yes:

    It all sounds very fishy, to me. :s

  13. :yes:

    Also, remember to leave her a negative, stating as much of what you have told us as you can! :yes:

  14. Yes. :yes:

    It looks fake to me, too. Plasticky looking leather and the Chloe heatstamp is very deep.
  15. And not only that, but the seller's building up positives by winning his/her own auctions and posting feedback. If you can get this seller naru'd or the auction pulled, you're off the hook.