Busted by my 7 year old

  1. At my daughter's open house, hanging in her classroom, for all the world to see--

    I think I'm going to have to remind her that I was a lawyer before she and her sister came along.
    dad.jpg mom.jpg
  2. LMAO. Very Busted Asa!
  3. LOLIRL~ ASA, this is TOO FUNNY!!!! Yes, you must definitely remind her of that and also that whole "bringing them into the world and taking care of them" thing!
  4. Oh, that's fantastic. And what a lifestyle you seem to lead!
  5. Gosh !!!! :wacko:
    Hmmm..... now i must make sure i dun surf tPf in front of my daughter.
  6. oh c---!
    omgd, thank you for the wake up call. better start looking more productive while dd is watching, otherwise this is soooooooooooo me. lol
  7. That's hysterical!!!
  8. OMG!!!! Really busted!
  9. LOL!! That is beyond cute, Asa. :heart:
  10. So cute :love:. The little one really knows mummy well....
  11. Oh Asa, toooooooooooooo cute!!!
  12. ROFLMAO!!! that is hilarious.
  13. Luckily, Daddy was on a business trip. Let's hope he never sees it...
  14. Asa, is that all you do? Shop, eat, and purse stuff? Come on girl!!! LOL
  15. That is funny. IT is amazing what kids say/write.

    My DD teacher wanted to know her middle name my daughter just kept repeating her first and last name. Finally the teacher said "what does your mom call you when your in trouble?" My dd that is 5 said "Liar"

    I was mortified