Busted by DH

  1. This morning as he was getting ready for work, DH looked at the closet shelf and asked, "Honey, what are all these orange boxes doing here?"

    To which I replied,"Are they in your way?"

    Then he said, "No. I just noticed them up here. What's in them?"

    (oh, crap) "Purses. I'm going to go feed the baby."

    What do you do when you're found out?
  2. Um, get out the kneepads??:p
  3. Hmm. This is a tough one. But in your case, you just gave him a beautiful baby girl. Work that angle. A push present.
    Hope you are both doing well.
  4. Orange boxes??....ahem, I haven't noticed.... must be old stuff from the move....
  5. OK I'm confused...he doesn't see the credit card bills? LOL

    You're lucky--I can't put anything over on my DH.
  6. In my case, no, dear Archie does not like doing the bills...
  7. DH does the bill consolidation ONCE a YEAR. At year end. Which is also my budget planning time for the following year.

    So during the year ... :whistle:

    One time, I wanted to save closet space, so I left one of my orange boxes at the store! :graucho::p
  8. Same here :push:
  9. hhmmmm.........bust out your cooking skills and knee pads! lol

  10. You are the luckiest one :yes:. DH knows all my purchases and what I plan to buy. So no chance :nogood:.
  11. No DH, but DM. I just go "oh, got them really cheap.. at a sale"
    then I go to myself "yeah, right. who am i kidding?"
  12. Hee! I love hearing all the stories of the blissfully unaware husbands.
    Mine can spot the difference between Chevre and Togo at fifty yards. :nogood:

    And BTW Rose I have to tell you, my dear Archie doesn't like doing the bills either, unless that means eating them. He's a golden retriever! LOL I giggle every time I hear you say Archie and then realize he's your DH!!
  13. Just be adorable for a couple of weeks, he´ll get over it! I would suggest the kneepads but I´m a nice girl!
  14. If he kicks up a fuss dump him for an Hermes-friendly DH.
    But don't ask me for relationship advice!
  15. Here is another.

    "Honey, I have some bags that I decided to store away because I don't use them. Should I just sell them?"

    Throw away those orange boxes so he will forget!!!!!